Great session and a new idea

I had a wonderful session this afternoon with my wife. Started with the Vice with Vaseline. She gave me a mind blowing bj that had me climbing off the ceiling ! She teased me with her tongue and manipulated the Vice. Excellent sensations as she pushed and tugged. Freaking awesome especially with the head at the same time! She had the timing down too !

My cock was rock hard and edging every few seconds.She got her Rabbit and laid her head at the foot of the bed so we were laying opposite each other. This way we could watch each other masturbate.

We came together with a rocking orgasm ! Huge amount of semen for me even tho I came this morning from a bj before work. I was surprised.I felt satisfied. I left it in buzzing for a few to come down if you will. I felt drained but not in an energy thing. Just like "Hell Yea !" Accomplished maybe !

We have a new idea that we are going to try. I like the Vice on the highest constant setting for our sessions.We are going to get into a scissor position with the Vice in and kind of grind each other and let the Vice vibrate on her clitoris. We will let you know how it works. Love trying new things !