Talk About Prostate Massage

So my mind had been running wild with fantasies for a couple of days and I decided to make a move. I approached my husband that morning and asked him what e had planned for the rest of the day. He didn't have much to do except get a haircut. I let him know that I'd like to have a little play time later. He smiled and agreed.

Later on that night we got in bed together and I put my arms around him. I let him know I was in the mood to spoil him, and that it was all about him. We made out for a while, and caressed each other. I moved down kissing and sucking his nipples. Then I trailed kisses down his belly. His massive masculinity derailed me, I just had to have a taste. Using my free hand I grabbed some lube, and massaged the lube all over his balls, perineum, and asshole. I continued to mouth his erection eagerly, while continually rubbing his nether region. After I felt he was relaxed and warmed up enough, I slipped my finger inside his hole. When I made contact with his prostate he moaned while spreading his legs and ass giving me total unhindered access. I let his cock slip from my lips so he could focus on his prostate and the pleasure that was emanating from it. His legs began to tremble uncontrollably while I stroked his p-spot rhythmically. I felt his prostate beginning to swell, then he asked me to try two fingers. His muscles had relaxed sufficiently so I slipped another finger inside of him. I was able to massage either side of his prostate with two fingers. He was loving the feeling so much, I couldn't comprehend any of the sounds he was making. His breath was ragged and his stomach was quivering. He was in heaven, so was I for that matter. After about 10-15 minutes he wanted his progasm ice. I got it, lubed it up, and inserted. his cock had gone limp since my lips left it, however it was coming back to life rapidly. he stroked himself slowly but not enough to cause ejaculation. I suppose it needed a little TLC. After a few strokes he stopped and just relaxed on the bed. I noticed his balls had drawn up really close to his body, I know he likes me to tug on them gently so I did. He moaned incoherently, and I continued to hold them down with one hand and stroke them with the other. After a few dry o's he voiced his need to fuck me. I asked how he wanted me, he let me know he wanted me standing, but bending over leaned onto the bed. I complied silently, in seconds he was behind me drilling me with his rod of steel. Instantly I could tell he was filled with what I call Aneros vigor. He was hard as a rock, hot, and felt as if he was ready to explode. The idea of his progasm being buried in his ass spurring him on was such a turn on for me. He was stroking all the right spots inside me. My knees were getting weak, I was struggling to keep up with his imitation of a battering ram. It wasn't too much longer before he was spraying my back with his hot cum. That is one thing I totally love about Aneros it always seems to make him shoot farther, and more ejaculate )just like porn stars(, and he cums for longer. Before I had time to gather my wits he grabbed me, pushed my head and shoulders back onto the bed and embedded himself in me going back to work. "I'm not finished yet…" I heard him grunt…I was the one moaning incoherently at the moment. I didnt have the willpower to refuse him, nor did I want to anyway. At this point I felt like I was fucking the incredible HULK…and was loving every minute of it. My back and ass dripping with cum, and the slapping sound of him pounding into my ass was so erotic. After a while )I lost complete track of time( he ripped his cock out of me again and treated me to another hot cum bath. It was like he hadn't cum already. I think I have more than gotten my money's worth out of that progasm



  1. Ditto on what Doublebagel said. You both are highly blessed spouses to be able to share eroticism and arousal so exquisitely.

  2. I agree with Turnrow and I have the same type of relationship with my wife, so I really know how fortunate we are to have this level of trust and euphoria together !

    We are really enjoying this new experience !!!

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