Coconut Oil Job

Great session this afternoon with the wife. Started with a nice blowjob until I was nice and hard. She then got her rabbit and went to work on herself. It had been a bit for both of us since cumming. 4 days for me and a little longer for her.

She built to a knee knocking orgasm while I stroked myself. She bask for a minute and then she got up. She says keep going I'll be back in a sec.

She returns with a bowl of coconut oil. She sucks my cock some more to make sure I'm fully aroused. She stop sucking and I take over stroking as the drips it down my cock and rubs it on my anus.

She teases my only lightly pushing in at times as she has long finger nails and that may not go so well.

We'll have to do that with gloves which is a place we have yet to go…but I can see us rounding the corner :)

It felt wonderful ! Almost like someone licking or a tongue. I shot off like a cannon. It was a fantastic orgasm.
The exploring continues…..