Fantasy Pre-cursor

Okay it's fantasy time again! Anybody who has talked to me probably knows that pegging is on my to do list. I've been given the WTF look so many times I've lost count. I've been asked why that's even o my radar on an equal number of times. Disclaimer…all of this is my opinion which in my world is the only one that matters…if you disagree thats fine just do so respectfully…as I dont take shit from anybody.

Most men assume its a dominance trip that I'm on. For me )although the idea of dominating a man can be a turn on( it has nothing to do with dominance. It does however have everything to do with intimacy. I probably just lost half of my reading audience but…for those still reading I promise it makes sense.

My view on men and their asses is very similar to the view I have of mine. I honestly feel that a lot of a man's power and true masculinity resides in his ability to be comfortable with his ass and the pleasure it renders him. I feel only a truly open, confident, understanding, and pleasure driven women are knowing of this face and make sure it is in their repertoire if need be. That's not to say I think woman should exploit this concept. I think that pegging is an act that should be approached with lots of respect and a moderate level of caution.

A man who desires this type of activity really needs to choose the appropriate woman who not only values what he is giving her, but values him as a person. The woman must be one who totally understands what he wants out of the experience and takes care to try to attain that )might not happen every time but effort is key(. She has to have his pleasure at the forefront of her mind )not saying she must forsake her own pleasure( and does her best to take him to nirvana.

So I guess one could say the connection that is built through trust, open communication, and pleasuring each other fully is what drives this particular fantasy. Next post will be the actual fantasy.

*This entry is more for me )the author( to note my mindset on this topic for later review to see if my mind shifts later*