Mentally Induced Role Reversal.

He walks in the door from work wearing his uniform. It always turns me on to see him wearing it, the wheels in my mind start to spin uncontrollably. I want to make tonight special for him, we havent done what I'm thinking of in a while. I walk up meeting him at the door, reach up and place my arms around him, and kiss his soft lips. He always gets to me, its hard to let go, I love being near him. After a few minutes of kissing I ask, "How was work?" He simply looks at me and says, "Work." I take his hand and lead him to the dinner table, "Well I'm glad you are home. Dinner is ready." He sat down, I knelt at his feet taking his shoes off. After putting his shoes in the closet I returned, fixed our plates and took them to the table. I sat his plate down, he pulled out my chair )he is always such a gentleman(, I sat with my plate, and he returned to his seat.

After eating he put the plates in the sink, I found him in the kitchen. I grasp his hand kissing it gently then look into his eyes beckoning him to follow me. Once inside the bathroom I turned on the bathwater. I turn to him and begin to remove his tie, then start unbuttoning his shirt buttons one by one letting my fingertips graze across his chest and belly ever so slightly. I gave him those sexy little glances every once and a while )you know the ones women do…(. I slid his shirt off his shoulders letting it hit the floor. I lean into him to kiss him some more while I unbuckle his belt and unbutton his pants. Being mindful of the bulge forming in his pants I slowly coax his zipper down. With a little shove his pants glide to the floor as well. He steps out of his pants and pulls his socks off. I drop to my knees and gingerly remove his undies. His erection springs free, I kiss it lovingly and stand pointing to the tub letting him know to get in. Once he settled in I turn the tap off and undress for him. No rushing, just a sensual sexy little strip tease that gives him something to enjoy. After I removed all my clothes I nestle in behind him into the warm water with my legs on either side of him. I wrap my arms around him caressing his chest and abs. Then I massage his shoulders, his head lulls back against me. I could tell he needed this as he gazed into my eyes. I give him a little smirk and work my hands down to his nipples. His eyes flutter closed as he relaxes more against me. My hands work their way down his sexy body to his man package. I stroke him beneath the water watching his manhood glide between my fingers. I begin to massage his balls as well. The feel so smooth and teeming with life in my hand. Thinking to myself we can't stay here all night I lather both of us. The added slipperiness felt amazing as our bodies rub together…his bag against my hard nipples. I quickly rinse us, exit the tub, dry us off…then exit the bathroom.

As we enter the bedroom he approaches the bed and lays across it. "I'll be right back…" I tell him scurrying off before he has a chance to stop me. I quickly put on some thigh highs, and my harness fitted with his dildo of choice, then rejoin him in the bedroom. The room is dimly lit, but I can see the fire in his eyes upon recognition of my "outfit". "How long have you had this in mind?" he implores me. "Not long, is this ok with you?" I purr stalking towards him. He simply nods and smiles that gorgeous smile that always melts me. I crawl onto the bed and climb atop him. I shower him with kisses as his hands caress up and down my legs. My lips trail down to his neck, then lower to his chest. I nestle my body between his legs kissing around the base of his cock. Then I look up at him right before I begin to lick his shaft slowly all the while watching his facial expression. I think he is enjoying the view as his eyes never left mine. He caresses my face and entwines his fingers in my hair, I engulf his cock head with my mouth sucking it like a sweet lollipop. After tantalizing him a while I suck his entirety into my mouth. I nurse on him until I get my fill, then lean up and motion for him to turn over onto his belly. He willingly turns over. I kiss him tenderly on the back of his neck while lying on him. My breasts are pressed snugly against his back with my "cock" resting between his pert cheeks. It feels divine to be there with him, both of us relaxed, aroused, and connected energetically. I reach over and grab some warm coconut oil and straddle his legs right behind his round buttocks. I coat my hands and began massaging the coconut oil into his skin. My hands move down to knead his supple ass. My fingers work closer to his anus until I am massaging his puckering hole. The tip of my finger slips inside, I hear a quiet moan escape his throat. "This is only the beginning baby there is so much more to come…I promise you'll love it." I coo just loud enough for him to hear me. I continue to massage his anus relaxing it more as time went on. Before long I am slowly stroking my entire finger in and out of him, touching his prostate on every stroke. "Ready?" I ask. "Yes." he mumbles. I press the dildo against his anus guiding its entry. With gentle pressure it glides in a few inches. The vision of that had my heart racing. I stroke his back and butt while stroking into him slowly. It didn't take long before he had accepted all of the strap-on. I decide to change my angle a little to target his prostate more directly. I lay back onto his back and grind my hips into him sensually while I gauge his response. "Feel good?" I ask wondering if he is enjoying this as much as I am. "Yessss" he hissed at me, I smile. I kiss his shoulders while continuing to ride him, my fingers running through his soft hair. I feel myself slowly losing control…so instead of running the risk of putting myself and what I want ahead of him and reaming him another one I slow to a stop. I whisper to him, "Would you ride me?"…he nods into the pillow. I withdraw from him and roll over lying on my back. He quickly mounts me, it is surprising and even more arousing to see him on top of me skewered on my "dick" like a naughty cowboy. Somehow he always knows what I want, my nipples ached for attention. His masterful hands worked my neglected pebbles good. I moaned and writhed beneath him as he moved atop me. He works his ass at a pace that suits him and delights me. I lose track of how many times I tell him how handsome and sexy he is, or how great it is to be inside him. I'm dripping wet, my clit throbbing, my womb pulsing in time with his rhythm. His cock is lying on my belly varying from flaccid to rock hard and back again. I love watching that as well as the growing puddle of precum on my tummy. I dip my finger in the man juice then smooth it onto my lips like lip gloss. Then I slowly lick it off, "Hmmmm tasty…" I hum while he watches me clean my lips of his sweet nectar. I palm his ass with my hands as he continues to unashamedly pleasure himself. The feeling of his muscles contracting and relaxing as he rose and fell is mesmerizing. I am slipping into the hypnotic spell his eyes are casting on me. I am barely conscious of him suddenly dismounting me and his head sinking between my thighs )he has a major thing for cunnilingus(. His hot tongue is a welcome surprise. He makes me cum countless times before plunging his hardness deep into me. He fills me the exact same way I'd filled him, tenderly….lovingly…explicitly. He works me thoroughly into a sex dazed frenzy. Finally he decides to pull the trigger on his own ejaculatory orgasm. He pumps me full of his hot jism while laying the most scorching kiss on me. My heart feels like it's pounding into my rib cage…I wonder if he can feel it. His cock is jerking and spasming inside me…until the pulses subside. In an instant his lips were gone from mine returning to my dripping cunt. He laps up every drop of our juices bringing me to orgasm one last time. I haul his face to mine kissing him deeply wanting to savor our flavor. We taste so delicious…