Sunday Session

Sunday night we were both exhausted, it had been a very busy weekend. When we shut the lights out it propelled our bedroom into blackness. I tilted the venetian blinds open to let the light from the street lamp on the corner into the quiet blackness that surrounded us. There is something very sultry about the yellow gold lamplight from the outside illuminating our bedroom.

At 11 pm when J and I got into bed the room was cool, dark, comfortable and still; there was no traffic outside. We had shed the heavy winter quilt and pulled a flannel sheet and cotton blanket out of the linen cabinet and spread it on the bed. The flannel was light but warm; it enveloped us as we warmed each other. It was a perfect night for sleeping.

I sleep naked, I always have. J shifts her sleepwear season to season. On warmer nights like that night she shed her long night gowns to sleep in one of my tee shirts, with her bare bottom exposed; it is so sexy. The shirt barely covers her butt and it is baggy and thin giving her the innocent semi nudity of a little girl. Yet unmistakably it revealed her mature body by draping over her breasts and nipples. As she came to bed the shirt allowed her breasts to jiggle underneath it, the friction of the fabric against her nipples caused them to harden and push against the fabric. Their hardness made them very visible. My cock stiffened at the sight of her.

When the lights went out we cuddled as we usually do, me on my back; she was on her side against me with her leg drawn up so that the inside of her thigh was resting on my rigid cock. I could feel the gentle throb of the pulse of her inner thigh on the underside of my cockhead. She felt very sensually alive against my hardened passion. This has been position one of our sleep pattern for 40 years. It is very sensual and reassuring at the same time; consequently a deep sleep came and collected us both quickly.

With the light casting its sensual aura in the room it was a very erotic setting for sleep. We both slept hard, I didn’t wake at all until 4 AM, the time that has become the norm for me to wake and do my MMO sessions. Several years ago I discovered that phenomenon and established the daily rythm; the sessions have continued to be so intensely pleasurable.

So sunday morning as I woke I was on my left side facing away from J and she was on her back. I rolled over and mounted her thigh laying next to her the way she starts the night on me. With my rigid cock resting on the supple skin of her warm thigh, I slid my hand under her tee shirt and cupped her soft warm breast in my palm. The soft smooth skin of her breast was like velvet; her nipple responded to my touch immediately by tightening and hardening like a pebble that was exposed by eroding sand in the surf. I could feel it erecting and pressing the skin under my palm. She sighed in her sleep as I moved my face closer to her and pressed my nose into her hair. Inhaling her sexy sweet scent caused my cock to twitch and my perineum to tighten as the familiar sensation of pending orgasmic pleasure wound inside of my anus like a steel spring.

I breathed slowly and deeply and focused on the urgent tightening desire that her sexiness inspired in my anus. It was as if she was holding my ass cheeks open exposing my anus and beckoning the hand of orgasmic ecstasy to reach deep into my anal canal and milk my prostate. The pleasure did indeed crawl into my anal canal as it gripped my penis and the million dollar spot just behind my balls. I struggled to keep the expanding pleasure from causing me to start prostate orgasmic spasms too early. I suppressed the hard anal twitching that was teasing my anal opening and held in the growing orgasmic tension inside me. As I breathed deeply and quickly I forced the orgasmic pressure to build up inside of me, just as if I was blowing a balloon up to its capacity before it would burst. As I breathed I focused my thoughts on the soft feminine flesh that I held in my palm; as I did, quivering waves of anguished pleasure began to fill my body. I could feel my prostate swelling up and filling like a water balloon. The intensity of the building pleasure made it difficult for me to lay still, and maintaintain my breathing but I did. I willed myself to be immobile and not succumb to the growing ecstasy, yet. Pleasure denied is pleasure expanded.

As I held her she stirred underneath my leg, shaking me out of the preorgasmic reverie that was making my mind all fuzzy. She turned on her side away from me exposing her bare behind to my wanton drooling cock. I then released her breast and took my hand to my now turgid aching cock. My cockhead was oozing precum and and my anus was stretched open gulping for the the pleasure that would come when my orgasmic spasms arrived. I lodged my swollen taut slimy cockhead against the warm opening of her anus. In my mind’s eye I imagined her sweet puckered opening was daintly kissing the tip of my wet cock.

With my penis nestled up against the heat of her asshole, I slid my hand down her belly to rest it on her downy pubic mound. Cupping her Mons in my palm I felt the wet sexual heat radiating from the dripping slot of her pussy mouth. I thought about the many times I had kissed her dewy pink lady lips and teased her rigid pearl to stretch and emerge from its hood, exposing it for me to pounce on it with warm lips and wet tongue, sucking it and stroking it until her bliss turned to the agonizing rapture of female orgasm. At those times she would grab my head and grind her pussy opening against my lips and tongue as she shuddered in exquisite agony as the juice of her pleasure flowed from her.

As I played that lurid scene in my mind I held her peach in my hand I savored the warm moist cleft that my middle finger was now delving into. She pressed gently on my finger by thrusting her pelvis forward a little. I was pretty sure that she was awake but the coy quiet passive role she was playing made my foray so illicitly lewd I pretended she was still sleeping as I enjoyed the lush mystery of her femininity.

The sensation of her feminine dew on my finger and the intoxicating scent of her skin and her hair caused my prostate to start beating a rapid pulsing tempo of orgasmic contractions; I couldn’t hold back anymore. Each contraction sent an echoing explosion of white hot pleasure to detonate deep in my asshole and reverberate throughout my body. Each spasm felt exquisitely sensual and deeply pleasurable. One after the other the pulsing orgasmic spasms drove the agonizing ecstasy of erotic sensation deeper and deeper into me. It was like a golden spike was being driven up my asshole, each pounding pulse pushed it a little further and a little deeper into me; as it penetrated my anus each inch of its progress elevated the indescribable pleasure a little higher. My quaking asshole was wide open and gulping at the invading orgasm. Dozens and dozens of pulsing orgasms exploded inside of me as the spike drove deeper and deeper. They did not stop; one set blended into the next as the steady procession of desperate desire entered me.

The deeper into euphoria I was driven the harder my cock became and the more difficult it was for me to focus my thoughts and control anything. Then the knot of orgasmic agony tightened in my perineum, causing it to suddenly snap and begin to contract in syncopation to the galloping rhythmic convulsions that were twisting my anal canal and making me sweat with excruciating pleasure.

Relentless orgasmic spasms took control of my mind and numbed it and held me immobile to her asshole as they bore into me. All I could sense think about and feel was the white hot agony of the ecstasy that was being driven into me and the orgasmic conflagration that was pounding my anus and perineum. I cast off any hope of focusing on anything. My mind was wiped clean as a washed slate. All I could do was to cling desperately to the agonizing pleasure that had taken purchase of my body. As the orgasms continued over and over, my nipples began to tingle and my anus was clenching and releasing in time to the spasms of my perineum. I breathed in time to them. My deep breaths acted like puffs of air under a feather keeping the feather floating in orgasmic contractions.

Then as if toying with me as she knew what I was going through, she clenched her ass cheeks and squeezed my cockhead between them, pressing it to her opening firmly. The shrieking anguish of orgasmic desperation, found my cockhead. It was as if her asshole was sucking on my cockhead. I shuddered and moaned as the cacophony of pleasure that was roaring in my asshole and perineum, took purchase of my cockroot, causing it to spasm and convulse in a dance of orgasmic abandon. My anal tract, perineum and cock were now engaged in a riot of ecstatic pleasure. I could see the sensations of purple, red, violet and blue hissing pleasure before my eyes as my entire pelvis and anal tract were subsumed by the relentless toture of sweet agony.

Dozens of syncopated oragasmic spasms turned to hundreds as I lay there; time lost all meaning as she gripped my cockhead with her asshole and forced me to succumb to the lurid rapture of endless orgasm. I looked up at the clock after some amount of time to see that 2 hours had passed.

I rolled over on my back leaving a warm wet smear of precum in her asshole and crease. Lying on my back I sighed and threw the flannel sheet off me to try and cool down. She rolled over and assumed the position we started in earlier that night. Sleep claimed me in that position; the next thing I knew it was 8 o’clock. I had overslept, never hearing the radio when it went off. That will teach me to set it to classical music.

What woke me up was J lying next to me running her fingers through my chest hair. She was awake looking at me with a soft smile on her lips. I lay there naked before her as she toyed with my sleepy passion. She stopped every several strokes to toggle my nipple; a touch that she knows drives me wild. Each time she touched the nipple and pressed on it pushing it back and forth slowly and gently my long rigid cock lurched and dripped precum.
Before my rewiring I would have rolled over and fucked her immediately. But now in my rewired – transformed state I am more patient. I lay there quietly and passively letting her fingers dance on my chest and belly. It was mesmerizing. I was frozen savoring the sweet tenderness of her loving finger tips. Every few minutes she would trail her fingers down to my drooling cockhead where she would dip her finger in the stream of clear sweet honey that was drooling from my slit. She would then bring that finger to my nipple and coat it with my precum, painting a picture of my passion on my nipple. She did this several times until my nipple displayed a gleaming image of my lusty desire. Then in an effort to wipe the slate of my passion clean she lowered her face to my precum soaked nipple and surrounded my nipple with her lips holding it steady as she licked the precum from my hardened nipple and savored it. She did this several times until my body was as rigid as my cock.

I was paralyzed. It was as if a potent drug had robbed me of my bodily control. But it was no drug it was my own euphoria induced by her tender ministration and her passionate suckling of my now aching nipple.

When she rolled away from me I gasped. The sense of abandonment was profound. A pleasant ache gripped my cock and my balls hung heavily down, weighted with my desire. My cock was beyond rigid; looking down at it my cockhead was dark purple and gleaming with precum. She kissed my temple. It was a kiss that expressed her love for me and her arousal.

As I went about my day on monday I thought about her constantly. Those thoughts were tender thoughts, loving thoughts and passionate thoughts. This was foreplay at its most sophisticated. It was the sweet anguish of a lover absent and longed for. It was foreplay that has been inspiring me all day to show her how much I love her. It is foreplay that will culminate with me lying between her legs and penetrating her, delving deep into her warm wet pussy as she caresses it and sucks the passion from my aching hard cock. It is foreplay that makes me think of the exquisite tender wet warmth of her passion deep inside her. It is foreplay that will later force me to inject ropes of hot cum deep inside her.

It is foreplay that serves as a promise of sweet things to come.