Back To Tantra Practice

The intensity of the Kundalini energy produced by my daily SuperO's is mind boggling, and I need to get it under control.

Tantra practice, for me, is the best way to do that. So I'm returning to the Tantra teachings that I took a course in years ago. I'm back in contact with a teacher as well as a local 'mentor'.

Back in November, unrealized by me, my heart chakra blew open wide. After that happened I fell in love with someone I should never have let into my heart. Breaking it off was devastating for me and made me realize that I need better personal skills to deal with a number of personal issues I'd let go on too long.

It has also made me realize that Tantra is the way for me to continue to have this Kundalini awaken in a manner that is comfortable and manageable.

I know we all have our definitions of tantra, kundalini, etc. I also know there are members here who reel at the suggestion of these ideas.


Hopefully I will keep this blog active with updates about the Tantric practice and how I am adapting to the massive kundalini production.

if you are curious about what version of Tantra I am practicing you can find their website here: