I'm Over Aneros Girl

One too many hints she needed money for this and for that. One too many outright requests for money.

So I emailed the guy who introduced me to her. Guess what? He'd been talking marriage with AG for the past 8 or 10 months. He's my friend but I didn't know that part. We both realized she was using him…and using me.

I'm not through with her. Not yet, anyway. But I'm over being romantically infatuated with her.

My friend was pretty devastated by the discovery of her tricks. I didn't like being the one to tell him, but we talked it through and I gave him all the details, including proof of lies, and he realized he'd been duped too.

So, time to move on to the discovery of the Next Wonderful Prostitute Who I Cannot Possibly Live Without.

kids, I don't think I'm cut out for this stuff. But I need the affordable, passionate sex. Spiritual growth does not necessarily preclude this activity, but I sure am seeing the disparity between what my heart seeks and what my dick gets.

Thank god Tantra embraces love and lust and engagement of the senses.

….ok, time to find a new piece of ass……

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