Life Before & After Aneros

I'm sitting here with a ranging hard on while my clear love juice seeps from the head of a throbbing dick head thinking of how a year ago I was so in the dark sexually. Yes I was sexually active and had boy friends and lovers but none of theme have brought me to the sexual momentum that I am at now.

I had boyfriends who only really cared about them selves getting off and just leaving me to handle my self. Or if they did please me they did it roughly or incorrectly to were it was not enjoyable or sensational enough. My one boyfriend did not give head and the other one just like fucking me in the doggy style position. The fact that I loved them was the real reason I staid but sexually there was nothing there.

I would jerk off not to fill that sexual void but just to clean my pipes and then even then I was a quick pumper. Meaning as soon I would put in my favorite porn with in ten minutes i was cumming and not even a lot. Two weak shot of cum would leave my dick head an then i would pass out into a slumber. I was not sexually educated. I was not eroticlly educated. I did not even know the meaning of being erotic til aneros.

I only found aneros by looking up porn on xtube and a aneros vid was in the similarities section. I watched a young guy get so turned on by having a little white toy up his ass. I got so intrigued and looked for more. I saw ld guys black guys and bigger guys all being turned on by this new toy that I never even knew about. So I went to the actual Aneros site and got me a login and really got into the knowledge of eroticnisms and how to be sensual and how to please your self. I love it. I know can prolong my erections with edging. I cum harder and with more beautiful ropes of cum. I feel better sexually and physically.

Thank you Aneros you changed my life.