A Session

8:34am Sunday 25 May

It occurred to me to do a -less session, cold. and describe it.

I'm sitting at my computer desk, feet propped up.

since I've been thinking of this, I'm somewhat "warmed up" in that I feel the tingles and pulses a little bit.

8:36 relaxing, focusing on prostate. warm buzz in my heart, anal muscles gently doing slow pulsing, energy tingles thru legs, feet, arms hands, fingertips as I type.

:37 closed eyes for a bit….relaxing pelvic muscles more…feelings intensify, i notice tense shoulders and relax them. eyes open to type and the feelings all recede.

39 stronger P-Waves….but typing again kills it

40 prostate giving pleasure and the feelings radiate

43…at :40 I opened an image of a nude woman. feelings inside exploded. hand went naturally to nipple, intense orgasmic pleasure from prostate filling my whole body, intense energy throughout, my eyes involuntarily close, by head tilts back, mouth opens in silent cry. I'm gasping because I'm forgetting to breathe smoothly. the orgasm begins to pump, my anal muscles pump in time with it and my heart begins to feel full and pumping in time as well.

The sensations are so intense I can barely stand them, so I try to stay in them…relax into them.OMG it is so hard to relax and breathe…I want to scream, my hands are a little shaky as they now rest on my keyboard. again when I pause to type a sentence or two the sensations subside to a low, tolerable level.

:48 ok, one more look at a nude.

:54 wrap-up: soon as I looked at that nude my prostate and anus began pumping low, slow, and hard. my chest tightened and it felt like I couldn't breathe. my heart surged with emotion, face grimmacing, eyes slammed shut, small bit of tears produced. Sensations were so intense I felt like I was lit up like a searchlight. my arms and hands trembled; legs just trembled a tiny bit. The orgasmic feeling surged so hard in me it was nearly unbearable. I just let it go on and on. inner convulsing, pulsating joy and excruciating pleasure. I was filled with bliss.

Now as I type I feel bliss, my chest is still a bit tight so I breathe deeper now to relax it. little shots of pleasure still eminate from prostate and anus. Upper thighs feel the inner tingling but this typing again kills most of the sensations.

:59 ok that was 25 minutes? felt shorter. ok, anyway…I intentionally stopped the orgasms but they are lurking here right under the surface. Now that I have opened them up they'll be right there , waiting, pressing me, the entire day )unless I'm absorbed in a task(. God that was lovely. But now I have to take deep gentle, regular breaths to keep the orgasms at bay.

So, that's a look into how my experience can be. It was a "cold start" report. Just wanted to give you a Boots On The Ground report.

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