I often wondered why I don't hear more from other users here about the Vice. If it is the price, you can get it for around $80 and free shipping.

Anyone interested email me @ [email protected] for a link. nothing in it for me..Public Service Announcement :)

It uses all the same designs and activities of the original Aneros models. It just adds 9 different degrees of vibration, from subtle to intense !

With a blowjob..it's the most intense thing I have ever felt !

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/wonder/


  1. Awired:

    Have I missed how the vibrating vice helps you dry Os and super Os. If you havent posted about that, that would be helpful. I know you love blowjobs with it. What about self play?

    I have a vice but have never used it. Keep talking bro and thanks for what you bring to the aneros table.

  2. I love all aspects of the Vice. Solo or together. Usually self sessions are much longer.

    I spend the first 30 minutes relaxing and clearing my thoughts. Things start to warm up after 10 minutes or so. The P waves get closer and closer together as it progresses.

    I contract and release holding for a few seconds each time. Each time a little longer. A little harder. At this point I have not touched my cock yet it's growing firmer.

    The P waves grow more powerful and the involuntary jerking and bucking begins. I can't help but moan and I feel my prostate starting to burn (In a good way).

    The Vice is pumping in and out seemingly on it's own and my body tries to buck back at it. Most of time by now , I can feel precum dripping on my thigh or stomach. I feel a deep churning in the bottom of my shaft and the P waves are happening more quickly and are becoming more intense.

    At this point I usually give in and lightly touch my cock. It responds excitedly. I push down on the base and hold while I buck upwards and the Vice pumps me faster and harder.

    The churning starts to work it's way up my penis and the P waves are so close together that they are almost continuous. I buck up and hard as I can and squeeze the Vice with all I have got as the waves begin to spasm, The fluid spills over the tip of my cock and pours out like a river. Not shooting, more of an overflow.

    The flow keeps coming and feelings of euphoria continue to intensify. I continue to clamp down on the Vice until the fluid stops.

    Usually , I release the squeeze on the Vice and lay there with it buzzing for five to ten minutes to come down if you will. I am still lightly squeezing and pumping involuntarily.

    When I finally slip the Vice out, I feel completely drained and satisfied. All warm and tingling on the inside and in the shaft of my cock.

    So yes Turnrow, you really need to give the Vice a try. I like the highest buzz constant setting.

    I am planning a solo session for tomorrow, I'l let you know if I discover anything new :(

  3. Two questions bro before I lauch out into the Vice world. )1( Did you reach your first super O with a vibrating Vice? )2( In your sessions now with the vice solo, do you set it always on the highest vibrating setting from start to finish of your session?

    Seems like the vibrations would be a distraction to relaxing and concentrating on the feeling of the super O process. But I would think that the vibrations could be ignored and the pleasure concentrated on regardless of what the vice is doing. Seems to me the rewiring process is mental and how you handle your mind to relax and put distractions aside. Thanks for the detailed explanation of what you are doing. You are starting the second 50 years of your life in physical ecstacy and I applaud you bro.

  4. 1. It wasn't with the Vice , it was a Naughty Boy by Rocks Off with the wife's help. It is also a vibrating massager.( The Vice is far superior !) Don't think I could have got there with the Naughty Boy without her help.

    2. I have found that setting to work best to my liking. The vibration do not distract me from my concentration. Just the opposite actually. Kind of puts me in a humming state( like when you are meditating). Also the device is pumping in and out all along, so the vibes are constantly changing in intensity and where it is being felt.At times on the contraction when it is pushing on the prostate, you can feel the waves head to toe.

    I try not to go into session with any pre-decided expectations. Just relax, insert, squeeze and see where it goes.

  5. Thanks man. Hope you have a good Memorial Day break from work. I intend to try the vice as you set out this weekend. Say a couple of prayers for me to advance in this stuff.

  6. the Vice is my favorite of the 5 Aneroses I own. I always use it with the vibrator out. I nicknamed mine "big love" because of the overwhelming feeling of room filling love it produces in me.

    I'm a 'do nothing' guy.

    Only downside to the Vice is its thick stem eventually irritates me enough that I have to end the session. But that's ok, I wouldn't change a thing about it.

  7. It is definitely filling AneRico. It is an amazing design the way it pumps you.You should have bought the DeVice and saved some money :) ! It looks the same.

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