God vs. Aneros

As for my first entry I want to give a Minister/Pastor's perspective on use of the Aneros and Anal play.

Who an I?
I am a Christian Minister/Pastor that spend a number of years in full time Christian ministry.  I am mid 40's, married with young kids.  I have a active relationship with Jesus Christ.

Why this blog entry?
I have come across a few posts of people unsure if Anal play runs against their Christian beliefs.  

It is most definitely a controversial topic, and if you asked me 6 months ago that I would be writing such a blog entry, I would have said that you are nuts.  Even though I moved in circles that teaches that anal play/sex is "wrong".  I always wondered about it and as a result went on a search to find out why anal play is "wrong" from a scriptural perspective.

I must say that my perspective changed a lot since I swapped the stick I had up my butt for a Helix Syn!

Is there anything in the bible that is against anal play/sex?
No, there is not.  I have seen many people use bible verses out of context to try and prove that it is wrong, but all failed in my opinion.

That is the short of it.  If you are interested in a more detailed explanation you are welcome to read on.

People who have a "thou shalt not" type of attitude generally focus on the letter of the Bible and miss the heart of the bible.

If I would have to sum up the whole bible in one paragraph, I would do it as follows:
The first few pages of the bible is the story of how God created the Earth and everything on it, including us.  He placed us in paradise and gave us one choice to ensure that we had free will.   We chose to reject Him.  The rest of the Bible is the story of what He did to reconcile us with Him.  

The welfare of humans is THE most important thing to God.  Everything He says and does has the ultimate goal of helping us, even though it might not look like it.  All the "Thou shalt nots" in the Bible had the purpose of protecting and educating us in the best way of living life.  If something is not mentioned in the bible as a sin it is not a sin unless you believe it is wrong.

What do I mean by that? If you believe something to be wrong (even if it might not be) and you still do it, you are going against your belief which means you have the intention to be disobedient so you are. In short….your attitude stinks.

What about Porn?
Porn is wrong. Why? Because when you watch porn you regard that woman as a object, not as a person. Come now! Be truthfull! When you whatch porn you do not think of that girl as someone with feelings and dreams and insecurities…..as someone's daughter. You see a body that excites you and thats it! That is why porn is wrong. It hits to the core of God's values. Besides porn distracts more than it aids.

At the risk of becoming long winded )which we tend to be very good at( I am concluding this here.

Questions and comments are most welcome. I will endeavor to respond to all.

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/god-vs-aneros/