Making love with the Vice !

It has been a couple of weeks without any Aneros time. The sex has been great, just in different directions.

Today ,I decided I was craving a session.

I came home , prepped and she gave my 20-30 minute head start as she knows I enjoy that time relaxing and getting in the mood.

By the time she comes in , I am having dry Os regularly.
Twitching and edging.

She proceeds to give me a deep throat BJ after eating two Altoids ! I was buzzing from the Vice and my cock was almost numb from the Altoids.Very different sensation !

After a bit I stopped her as I felt this orgasm )s( would be the oozing kind, not the shooting type and I may not know when I came and could ooze down her throat.

I rolled over and got in a missionary position to make love to her ! I slipped into her with the Vice thrusting into me with the kegels and the pumping movements I was making . It was wild , like it was thrusting into me pushing me into her…almost involuntary and not in my control. Like the best of both worlds !!

I am getting an erection just rethinking it !

After a bit I realized that I was probably pouring precum and pulled out not to cum in her.

After a venture with her Rabbit, I finished off stroking myself, letting my knuckles stroke her clitoris area with each stroke and grinding against her. Mind blowing finish with the Vice exploding in me at impact !

What a fantastic lady !



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