Well, THAT was quick!

Just received the Helix Syn this week due to some experienced prostate issues, IE. frequent night urination, slow flow and not much force on ejaculation. Aneros kept coming up in internet searches when researching prostate therapy, so thought I'd give it a try.

Being the "manly man" I am, was hesitant to bring up the purchase with my girlfriend, even though in the past she has been receptive to trying new things. So I brought out the box, and began the conversation in a matter of fact, I have been experiencing prostate issues and in researching therapies, this is what kept coming up. I continued, in addition to providing therapy for prostate issues, it has some interesting side effects. Then I pointed her to the Aneros web site and forums.

She was receptive to the idea, but was worried it would take the place of her, and I assured her, through my own reading of the forums, this wasn't the case, and that it would enhance it instead. Little was I to believe that it would be so soon!

Reading through the forums, I did not have high expectations for any immediate results and just tried as suggested to try and enjoy the new experiences, and in fact, my first session on
Thursday was uneventful. None of the conditions were right, so I didn't have a high expectation. I work from home, so did it early in the morning while working on my computer.

All that changed on Friday night. About 9PM, I told my girlfriend, I was going to go lay down for awhile and "start my therapy". She rolled her eyes and said ok. I put on some relaxing music and laid down on the bed on my stomach. For me, movement of the Helix was easier on my stomach and doing the exercises, but compared to later, I was not fully relaxed. After an hour of just relaxing and doing exercises, my girlfriend comes in and strokes my leg and almost immediately, things start to "loosen up!" I told her, that felt good, don't stop. So she rubbed my feet and legs for a few more minutes and then she went to finish up some homework before bed. I could really feel the Helix start to move after that and my breathing started to increase. The exercises were
much easier after that, just felt like there was more "room in there" to play with.

After she came to bed, I told her what affect she had when she rubbed my feet and she began to rub my forehead. As she continued, I could slowly feel the contractions come on and start to intensify. I was so relaxed, the Helix just started moving on it's own, with just a little help from me grinding my hips forward and back. At this point, the contractions kept getting stronger til I started moaning and sighing. Based on her earlier concern of being left out, I tried to be as communicative as possible so she could share the experience. To compare the feeling of the contractions, I'd have to say it almost feels like the sensation when you are riding on a roller coaster and pulling positive g's, but instead of momentary feelings, the feelings keep coming and getting stronger. After rubbing my head, I moved her hands down to my chest and nipples and she began lightly stroking my chest hair and teasing my nipples, this sent me absolutely over the top and experienced a few strong contractions. In all, this lasted 10 to 15 minutes, maybe longer, I had no sense of time by this point.

After this point, I don't think my girlfriend could take it anymore, so she started playing with my penis and completely switched gears, but by this time, I didn't care. I had such a complete feeling of euphoria and afterglow, I was ready for anything. Since I was having all )well most of( the fun up to this point, I decided to go down on her and return the favor for taking such good care of me that night. Then we continued with some heavy and passionate missionary with the Helix still in, including a pillow under her lower back, so I could get some deeper penetration. We continued this way until she could no longer breath and collapsed, both spent and bodies shaking!

Today, will be a day of rest, but am looking forward to more "therapy" tomorrow!

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/well-that-was-quick/


  1. TSJose,

    Fantastic report! Aneros use and prostate stimulation is such an enhancer to relationships. It has certainly made things more intense with my wife and me. Glad to hear the same for you.

    You have a lot of wonderful experiences to encounter in the future!

    Glad for you!


  2. Thanks brine! It was so unexpected to have an experience so soon in the beginning of the journey!

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