Encounters with remarkable people

What is internet chat? Real time verbal interactions between people that can influence the minds of both in sometimes surprising directions and can potentially change one or both. Usually it's just fun banter with a natural rhythm and sometimes amusing chatter. Or boring. Occasionally I get the extraordinary encounters when I least expect it. Someone will slip into my heart somehow and I'll fall in love or feel a connection or emotion coming from them, or they'll feel an emotion coming from me. Sometimes I'll feel them physically touch my body, usually sexually but not always. Rarely I feel someone's negative angry energy. The actual talk can be about anything but acknowledges the extraordinary connection going on and calls for more presence of mind and focus. I've always remember doing this in face to face encounters in the past but have been too shy and insecure to fully participate. I would usually use my knowledge of our connection to hide behind their expectations of me and disappoint both of us. Now I can be fully present. They still surprise me and can make me feel nervous but I can better deal with that. I was a moderator of a discussion group for years and got to know the chatters from their words and my impressions as well as actually meeting some of them. It was a reality check. This was a group of people involved in a emotional healing technique of discharging emotions physically. I got to know and like many of these people and felt connections to them that have persisted. So I'm used to reading between the lines of chatter to the essential person. Some of my most remarkable encounters here been with a pair of individuals who are lovers and sought me out for some reason. I get powerful but different beautiful physical, emotional sexual reactions from both of them. I'm always surprised the next day when I remember our encounters. I fell in love simultaneously with someone else here once that surprised both of us. That was about the time my heart chakra was opening but that's another blog. Then there are the many private chats with people that leave both of us feeling a connection that's real. I think of the many guys who coached me in aneros and who I coached. There's a special place in my heart for them. I like the light touch of the typical banter as well. Of course there's nothing like being physical present with someone, being close enough to touch and be touched. Sometimes that's even too much for me but I want and need it all the same. What am I talking about? If you have to ask…

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  1. Lovely, euph!

    Beautifully crafted and amazingly penetrating.

    brine )your friend!(

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