Curious about the Tempo!

Having some limited success )first 2 sessions( with the Helix Syn and over the top Super-Os with the Progasm Jr, I was curious how the Tempo would do, so naturally that was the plan for last night. I lubed up and the Tempo slid right in without much of a fight from me. Really didn't feel it like the PJ )Progasm Jr.(, but I could tell it was there. It just barely touches the prostate and the muscles around it, so it sort of tickles, or at least that is as close to describing the sensation as I can. Within a few minutes, I can feel the waves starting to build. Unlike the PJ, it wasn't WHAM! It was more like a freight train in the distance down the track, you could sense it coming, but couldn't judge the speed. The waves slowly built up until suddenly WHAM, WHAM, WHAM, I was doubled over again in contractions, my month was opened, but I couldn't speak or yell. I keep mouthing the word wow wow wow. It must have gone on for 30 minutes, slow build up, then POW, a number of super-o's in a row. I was doing almost nothing, not thinking of anything in particular, not doing any exercises, just enjoying the ride from the Tempo!

My girlfriend comes in and I tell her that I have "borrowed" her Tempo, and she can see that I'm convulsing, she comes to bed and says, "you're hot". But of course, I've already had a 30 minute workout!

She begins to run her hands over my body as she had the several nights before, which sends wave after wave. We kiss passionately, and I'd say I haven't felt like kissing that way in YEARS! The deep kisses only magnify the affect.

She then goes down on me and the combination of sensations is almost too much. My penis is now extremely sensitive, but receptive, and I can feel every little swirl of her tongue and movement of her lips. I think the prostate issues had numbed my penis, but I could feel EVERYTHING now! It was absolutely nuts!

She finally gets on top of me and we go at it for awhile, she just as excited as I was, and enjoying the deep penetration and finally I unload, and I can feel every gush from my penis.

Normally, I would be spent and want to stop, not this night. My girlfriend continues to grind on me and I continue to enjoy the sensations, like tug of war between my penis and prostate.

Guess I never realized how insatiable she was, because last night, she continued to ride me and she got it as long as she wanted it, with no complaints from me and I stayed full erect the whole time.

After we finished, she mentioned, this room smells like sex, I don't think I've smelled that in a long time! You know, she was right! :(

We laid there for a little while, just recovering and I continue having shocks and contractions from the Tempo and I am completely spent, so I get up to go to the bathroom and remove it. I return to bed, and I continue to have after shocks and some mini-o's. Amazing!

You know, now I'm curious to see if I could now have better results with the Helix Syn now that I am fully rewired! But that will be another story…..