My new Progasm

I received my new Progasm Ivory on Friday but have had a house full of company until this afternoon. I found myself with a short time alone and decided to try it out to see what it was like.

Being I was on a short time frame, I slipped a condom over it and rubbed a little bit of coconut oil on the already lubricated condom.

Surprisingly it felt large on insertion even though I have been using the Vice for months. The .05 inch larger makes a noticeable difference. Also the neck is longer on the Progasm than the Vice which allows you to pull it in deeper and hit different spots. It seems to move less that the Vice does but feels very filling.

I walked around with it in for a few minutes allowing it the maneuver inside me and within a few minutes I was starting to pant and twitch. Very different than the feelings I have experienced with the Vice.

As I said I was on a short time frame so I hadn't even removed my clothes all the way.

I wound up at the bathroom counter in front of the sink with the Progasm in me and pants down around my ankles.

I began stroking and it felt as it was pounding me from behind. I have never experienced anything like that.It was mind blowing intense. Almost violent ! I shot profusely pushing my scrotum against the cool marble counter top until I emptied myself completely. I actually pushed the Progasm out on orgasm but I chock that up to too much lube.

There I stood with my knees shaking and my cock drained still in my grips. saying "Wow, what just happened?"

I am thinking there will be many new adventures to follow. Can't wait to try it during intercourse. I love this thing !



  1. Hi awired50,

    It looks like you had a great maiden voyage with your Progasm Ivory. I am sure that it will lead you onto greater, unimagined adventures that will amaze you.

    My Progasm Ivory from should arrive here either Wednesday or Thursday. Just think about this new model riding me is enough to throw me into the bliss of Aless!


  2. @WarrenGWonka,

    Aless is the term for an Anerosless session during which you have experiences that the Aneros is inserted when it is not. Aless is truly sublime nonetheless!

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