Copy and Paste if You Dare

This is just a notice that there are a few of my blogs that are coming down on Monday June 23, 2014. The titles that will be removed are:

California Dreamin' in Buckhead???
California Nightmare in Hellsville
Just a little fantasy…
Mentally Induced Role Reversal.
On the Job Benefits
Over and Done with….

Reason being the person who they are about I'm trying my best to wipe from my life. I didnt realize how much I wrote about him lol until I looked up all the titles. I know some of those stories are my best, he was my muse. The muse is gone so the art must go as well. If you want them for personal reading feel free to copy and paste them…I dont care…just a heads up though. I wont be keeping any personal copies so once they are deleted they are deleted.