Not what I expected

I purchased the aneros product line for health reasons to help with urine, ED, and hemorrhoid issues. I currently have CPPS so wasn't sure if this was a great idea. I starting using the MGX, Helix and Progasm in March with limited results they were also causing my CPPS to flareup. I can only use these when laying down otherwise they slip out. So in April I purchased the peridise set to try. The peridise seemed to not make my CPPS flare as bad and I found that I didn't have to lay down to use it.

One day I decided to experiment and get creative so I inserted one of the peridises and went outside to mow the grass. While mowing after about 15 minutes I noticed a wave of pleasure in my groin area along with a need to pee. I wanted to finish so I kept mowing suddenly I felt like I was peeing but then it stopped. After finishing the grass I went to check on what had happened and found that it wasn't pee but that I had leaked pre cum all over and it was running down my leg. I have tried to duplicate this action several times with no success.

I have been using the other aneros devices with success for my urine and ED problems but they were still making my CPPS flare along with some hemorrhoid issues. Sometimes I will fall asleep with the Helix in and wake a few hours later with a raging erection, and some pre cum at that point I will remove it, but in the morning my cock is rock hard.

About 2 week ago I starting using only the peridise to help treat the hemorrhoid issues which went away last week. Usually while using the aneros devices I get some pre cum and pleasure out of it but nothing major.

Well last Sunday night that all changed I pre lubed with Sliquid Sassy gel along with coconut oil, and inserted the mid sized peridise intending to fall asleep for a while. After about 40 minutes I had the
normal pleasure but then my cock started to get harder and the pleasure started to increase just like when mowing the grass. The pre cum was flowing like when mowing the grass only more. After another 5 minutes or so here it came again the pre cum was flowing again and the pleasure was more intense. At this point I could feel the peridie massaging and fucking my prostrate on its own OH WHAT A FEELING. This lasted for several minutes and then came again several times. I tried to repeat this the last few nights with limited success except last night I used the smallest peridise, and OH WHAT A FEELING again it was better than Sunday night. I'm now hooked not only did the aneros devices provide the medical benefits I was looking for but so much more than I expected, out of this world pleasure. I hope my wife will try the peridise set to experience that OH WHAT A FEELING. Looking forward to more experimenting having sex with the wife while using the aneros. The options look unlimited.


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  1. Congratulations! The smallest Peridise in the beginners set is my favorite! The other devices, like the Helix, the contractions are stronger before the O's, but with the Peridise, the O's just seem to some from nowhere!

    Also, your wifes touch )except for your penis( will also increase the effectiveness of all the devices! She will get a kick out of it too! :(

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