Fantasies, Kaleidoscopes and Ecstasy

Peppered throughout my writings are descriptions of prostate derived orgasms, or MMO’s as I call them as kaleidoscopic. In Aneros circles MMO’s are commonly refer to as super Os. Sometimes guys refer to the sensation of MMOs as pleasure waves )which I sometimes do as well(; however in many of my recent sessions I have been perceiving MMO’s as chains of kaleidoscopic orgasms that sensually morph from one ecstatic feeling to the next as they unfold. Each wave of pleasure reveals excruciating ecstatic sensations. Just as a kaleidoscope morphs and transforms one elegant richly detailed vision to another so does an MMO; the rhythmically pulsing spasms of orgasm transfigure themselves unfurling lush orgasmic sensations as they do. And just as I struggle to see and absorb the deeply vibrant images in a kaleidoscope, so do I also struggle to experience and savor the intense and overwhelming sensations of an MMO.

With my eyes closed I can sense the sensually erotic colors of pleasurable sensation. I do not really see the colorful vibrancy and chilling detail of an MMO but instead I envision it viscerally. I feel it as the enticing chill of ecstasy and as agonizing euphoria of cascading pleasure. It moves throughout my anal tract eventually permeating my entire body, its alluring fingers stroking my anal canal, tugging on my cock, squeezing my prostate, and coaxing my anus, teasing it to flex and spasm in paroxysms of erotic bliss. It makes my entire body quiver and my cock drip precum as I succumb to the exquisite echoes of orgasmic rapture.

As those orgasmic spasms drill into my anus, squeeze me and tug at my cock, their pleasure forms sensual images in my imagination evolving into colors and patterns that mesmerize me send chills up my spine; they are like a kaleidoscope. When I first began to MMO, the spasms started out as tantalizingly desperate convulsions rooted in my prostate and morphing into rapid fire ecstatic convulsions of my cock and anus. The resonant pleasure rang the ecstasy of orgasm through my body like a massive bell. Now I have these sessions that are symphonies of sensation that lilt from one sweet plateau to another.

Night after night over the last months I have laid out in erotic repose, twisting, quivering and stiffening my body as I open my anus to unyielding pleasure. I succumb to the invasion of imaginary hands invading my anal canal, teasing me with erotic sensations. For an hour or more at a time the anguished ecstasy of orgasm reaches deep into my anus and grasps my cock firmly, coaxing me to relinquish relentless orgasm and drool long streams of precum.

Recently I have been using a stainless steel Aneros Tempo to ignite the deliriously sweet sensations of MMO in my anus, pelvis and cock. Feeling the hard cool steel Tempo slide into my anus is a sensual jolt. Immediately reggae like syncopated pulsing convulsions of my anal tract are revealed as if they have been inside me waiting to be experienced. Like a key turning tumblers inside of me, the door that exposes me to my ecstasy is opened. The spasms grow harder nd stronger until they are shrill and high pitched holding me at the pinnacle of excruciating rapture.

So this last weekend while I was alone, I inserted my Tempo in my anus and lay in solitude for the magic to begin. I lay in the quiet awe as I felt an MMO session building; as the sensations of white orgasm unfolded I lay relishing the resonating sexual delirium of orgasmic contractions as they vibrated in my body. The grip of orgasmic rapture milked my spasming prostate, causing an indescribably pleasurable orgasmic vision to reveal itself to me. As the vision expressed itself, it transformed; in the warm darkness of ecstasy I felt the sensual kaleidoscope change the orgasm, chasing it to various parts of my body and altering how it felt.

The orgasm transformed, expressing itself as a colorful pattern of blissful explosions that first detonated in my anal canal. As I teased my nipples the explosions intensified and changed ever so subtly, numbing my brain with exquisite erotic sensation. I watched transfixed; passively I lay immobile letting the winds of an orgasmic storm buffet my body and send chills up my spine.

So the next day my anus was tingling and twitching, and my cock was hard and dribbling. The MMO session had bewitched my pink opening, arousing it and whetting its thirst for pleasure.

Rewiring has effectively transformed my sexual response. Psychologically, physically and erotically my needs are very different now than they ever have been in any other time in my life. The need to be penetrated and feel my anus getting stretched open by a thick intruder that touches and strokes my prostate and fills my anal canal with orgasmic sensation is one of those new parts of my awakened sexual psyche.

So at the end of the day, I wasted no time in stripping down and showering preparation for an evening of in the arms of my mistress MMO.

I have a large collection of prostate massagers, some 17 in all. These are not dildoes, butt plugs or rubber cocks but rather they are sophisticatedly designed devices to stroke and massage my erect prostate gland to stimulate it to induce prostate orgasms. I have used anal prostate massagers for more than 7 years now. However in the last 2 years or so, my use of them has diminished as I have developed the skill to have MMO’s with nothing in me. Having an MMO with nothing in me has been incredibly liberating, allowing me to do a session every morning. These “less” sessions lack the intensity that a penetrative MMO has but they are more subtle and gradual allowing them to be sustained for longer periods of time.

So getting out of the shower and turning the heat up in the room, I turned down the sheets on the bed and laid my protective sheet; MMO sessions cause profuse precum to flow from my cock. I lots of precum in a session and I am self conscious about messing up linens.

So laying face down on the bed I pressed my hard cock into the soft embrace of the mattress. Then, parting my ass cheeks with one hand I held the well lubed Aneros Tempo against my anal opening. At the end of the stainless steel barrel is a round tip the size of a large shooter marble. When inserted fully, the device massages my tender orgasmic trigger, my prostate.

As I inserted the bulbous tip into my anus the chilly sensation of initial insertion was very relieving. As the cold hard ball slid into me I shuddered in response to the exquisite sensations it evoked. As my anus swallowed the intruding massager, it responded with the same sweet gagging sensation of sticking a finger down my throat. However instead of reacting by regurgitating the contents of my stomach, the penetrating plastic massager induced an anal gag reflex that sent waves of erotic pleasure deep into my anal canal. Once seated in my rectum, the bulbous head of the massager coaxed my anus to flex and spasm as the waves of erotic pleasure vibrated in me.

I lay on my stomach and breathed deeply in synch with the extremely sensual spasms that had taken control of my anus. The last time I had used the Tempo, my anus swallowed it like I wasa sword swallower; it slid gracefully into me, ending by lodging the bulbous head against my prostate. Resting againsy my gland it evoked the welcome orgasmic spasms that amplified the pleasure they revealed. I massaged my nipple with a precum lubed finger as the massager induced my anus to convulse in delerious anguish. The vision in my mind of have a woman tenderly stroking my convulsing anus and caressing my aching balls made the spasms I was experiencing at that moment double in intensity. For 30 minutes I lay there with images of a sexy lady tenderly stroking my balls and massaging my perineum. I lay quietly relishing the pulsing pleasure that was beating in my anal canal.

I laid on my side and suspended my dripping – lurching cock over the mattress. Freed from any sensation my penis went numb and all the sensation centered in my anal tract; my anus began to quiver as the power of the orgasm focused internally on my prostate. The pulsing spasms began again, stimulated by the deeply satisfying sensation of the rigid finger like object that was seated deeply inside my anus. In a reflexive action my anus began to pop, contracting and releasing, effectively sucking the massager into my anal canal and releasing it repetitively. The action was similar to that of a violin bow being drawn back and forth over the strings of a delicate, carefully tuned instrument.

The sweet song of orgasmic rapture vibrated in my anal canal and prompted profound orgasmic spasms to reveal their sensual voice deep inside me in a shrill whine. Involuntarily the spasms continued to suck the massager into my rectum, making my body stiffen as the resulting visions of agonizing ecstasy flooded my brain. I panted shallow breaths and began to toggle my nipples as I quietly described what I was feeling to lecherous eyes that might be watching my erotic performance from hotel rooms across the way. I described in intricate detail the sensation that the provoking finger deep inside my anus was having on me.

In response to the teasing of my nipple and the vulgar narrative that I was whispering into the pillow under my head, the orgasm deepened and intensified. My anus responded by trying to grip onto the invading perpetrator and grip it as the pleasure it invoked radiated out from my rhythmically pulsing opening. I revisited the urge to bear down and relaxed my anus, letting the spasming pleasure express itself to the max. I whined as the massager stroked me and honed the edge of the orgasm to a razor thin edge that deftly sliced through any reservations and inhibitions that I had.

I lay there struggling to relax as I savored the dazzling array of colorful sensations that filled my head. The deeply gratifying sensation of the massager penetrating me and stroking the erotically responsive spot deep inside my anus sustained the orgasm to rise and fall and rise again over and over. Each peak seemed to surpass the pinnacle of pleasure of the preceding wave. I cursed and cajoled the imaginary women whose finger was inside of me forcing me to succumb to the sweet torture that was filling me up.

It was now more than an hour and from the erotic reverie that had taken control of me I was suddenly aware of the need to pee. So despite my body’s best attempts to hold me down and coerce me to remain in the bed to accept more orgasmic pleasure, I got up and removed the massager. I ambled into the bathroom and sat down on the toilet, to both gather my wits and relieve myself.

When I was done I went back to the bed and stood for a few seconds trying to decide what was next. I was clearly not done yet. My anus was pulsing in its thirst for pleasure. The hour of orgasmic spasms had primed me for more. The more prostate pleasure I experience the more I need. I also knew that I wanted a larger massager.

The largest massager I have is an Aneros Progasm. The Progasm is approximately the same length and thickness as a thick six inch cock, yet its shape is designed to provide riveting attention to a prostate that is swollen in arousal; mine certainly was. So I took out my Progasm and went back to the bed.

A Progasm takes a little work for me to get in my anus, so this time I laid on my back in the bed and raised my knees. Coating the tip of this six inch instrument with lube, I angled its head against my anal opening and tipped the massager as I eased it into me. Pushing it against my puckered hole I felt my anus yielding as the large round head slipped past the mouth of my man pussy. Pushing more firmly I finally felt the exquisite sensation of being penetrated. The feeling of this hard imaginary cock fucking me sent my anus into wild spasms of sheer ecstasy.

The spasms greedily sucked the massager into my tingling anal canal, holding it against my pulsing prostate; I could feel its large head kissing my swollen gland. My anal opening was stretched open by the thick base of the massager that was buried to its hilt up my asshole. The sensation was beyond arousing; it was excruciatingly pleasurable, intensely gratifying, and sexually mesmerizing. I rolled over onto my stomach and bent my knee to raise my cock slightly off the mattress as I press my cockhead against the smooth sheet.

The sensation of the massager stretching my anal opening wide and gently and repeatedly prodding my swollen aroused prostate as it was sucked in and out of my anus repeatedly caused my quivering prostate to pump in orgasmic bliss. Involuntarily my anus drew the massager in and out of me inducing a warm numbing sexual nirvana. My body went limp as the orgasm gripped me and squeezed me. As the desperate ache of desire glowed in my asshole I lost all sense of reticence and homophobia. My mind envisioned that I was being fucked by the thick hard cock of some imaginary sexual being. As I began to verbally implore this imagined stud to fuck me, I admitted aloud that I needed to be fucked and I loved being fucked. The forbidden nature of my admission, the vulgar indiscretion of it and the lurid imagery combined to make my prostate redouble its ecstatic pumping as the glowing bliss inside me made me twist in sweet agony.

The cock in my asshole penetrated me rhythmically and relentlessly punctuating its orgasmic thrusting with explosions of excruciating ecstasy. Each explosion sent waves of desperate euphoria rippling up my anal canal and down to my penile bulb where it tugged on my cock root and made my cockhead ooze warm precum, wetting the sheet under me.

As I narrated the lewd sodomy that was driving me wild with pleasure, I writhed on the bed in affirmation of the sweet rapture that was ramming up into my asshole and tugging on my anguished cock.

For another 20 minutes I was tortured by the pleasure of penetrating orgasm as the massager fucked me mercilessly. I breathed deeply and teased my nipples to implore my body to sustain the ecstasy that was drilling my asshole and saturating my body. Sweating and breathing heavily I lay there swimming of a sea of warm sexual sensation. My nipples were tingling, my cock was throbbing and my mind was on fire.

When it was over I was exhausted and spent. I pulled the massager from my man cunt; it clung to the intruder refusing to accept the fact that the source of this intense pleasure was being taken from it. With a sucking pop the massager disengaged from my throbbing anus.

That night I slept soundly. In my sound sleep I dreamed of my imaginary lady and her sizzling sexuality. When I awoke I was more aroused than when I went to bed. It was going to be a good day.