Guess that was a Super-O!

* Blank feelings for the first 15 minutes.
* Erotic material started some vibes.
* Kneeling like this produced a Mini-O:
* 20 minutes in, crazy quivering of abdomen, and shaking legs.
* Intense, radiant sensations from pelvis region. Moans, heavy breathing.
* 10 minutes of shaking, and strong sensations.
* Abdomen tenses, pushes Aneros out, then draws it back in.
* Session passes its peak after 35 minutes,

Well, I wasn't expecting the session to be this good. Before the orgasms I was feeling moody, and pissed off. I actually tried doing seven minutes of exercises to relieve tension and relax myself, but…it ended up doing the opposite.

But I figured the whole thing would be a dud in any case — just wanted to have at least 30 minutes so I tick the box on having a session. But no, it ended up being one of the best in recent memory. There wasn't any particular catalyst for making it so great, I think my body and mind happened to open up at the time.
Keeping the mind off the Aneros until time nears the session is important, though.

As you can interpret by the title, I'm still reluctant to accept whether or not I have Super-Os. It could be attributed to my idea of a huge p-wave — which is this surge of adrenaline. That's not a p-wave, as far as I know, but this adrenaline rush has happened when some new sensations occurs. )Much like a first-date, in terms of butterflies( Suffice to say, this feeling is amazing, as it makes the whole experience feel like a roller-coaster ride.

But my mind assumes that a Super-O has to consist of these huge bursts of adrenaline. There's some substance to this; users reporting on a Super-O often remark that they are "blown away", "mindless", "scared" and so on. Perhaps I do become mindless on occasion, when being swept away into fantasy-land, but otherwise I haven't experienced any of these in a year.

In saying this, the lack of these sensations would be down to experience. Said adrenaline is a result of a shock, because it is new and unexpected. I've become accustomed so much to Aneros usage that I can identify almost all manner of feelings now, so nothing particularly comes as a surprise.