Just Joy, no Pain

So I wake up, I can still taste his cum on my tongue. He's sleeping, I decide to sneak away I need to sneak away to brush my teeth and take a shower. Once I make it to my bathroom I start brushing my teeth while reminiscing on the last 24 hours. Half way through my teeth brushing I hear footsteps, then I see him standing behind me in the mirror. Our eyes meet, I'm naked, so is he. I feel his heat radiating off of him, its making me hot, turning me on. I quickly finish brushing my teeth, never taking my eyes off of him, he caresses my skin ever so slightly. I feel his fingers running up and down my back, over my shoulders, he's making my knees weak. I rinse my mouth out, I bend over a bit to spit into the sink, when I do he grabs my hips and steps into me. I feel his erection between my cheeks at the small of my back. I braced my hands on the sink, look up in the mirror and see him standing behind me smiling slightly, he is too sexy for my well being.

"I was about to take a shower…" I say, not knowing whether I wanted to stand there and be fucked out of my mind or not. "Ok, I'm not stopping you." he said with a wink. I turn towards him and smile, then walk around him and turn the water on in the shower. While adjusting the temperature of the water I feel him kissing my back. I look over my shoulder at him, "You're not stopping me hunh?" "I'm not I promise…" he says smiling against my skin. When I finally manage to get the temp right I step into the shower and he of course follows me and closes the glass door behind him. I turn and face him water is cascading off of both of us, he steps closer to me putting his arms around me then kisses me. His wet skin feels so enticing against mine, not to mention his hard cock pressing against my thigh.

My back is against the wall, water is pouring all over us. He's a tad shorter than me but not by much, I feel his cock sliding between my legs. I wrap one of my legs around his waist, using his hand he grasps his dick and aims it towards my opening and enters me. I lose my breath at the unexpectedness of his entry. "The other leg too…" he mumbles against my neck. I look at him quizzically, his only reply, "I got you." I wrap my other leg around his waist, he holds on tight to my ass supporting me. I cant help wrapping my arms around him and kissing him passionately, when I do he begins to move inside me. I lock my ankles together and hang on for the fabulous ride. His cock is perfect, fits me perfectly. Not too long, not to thick, lusciously hard, and all slick with my juices sliding in and out of me. I'm moaning into his mouth, kissing him passionately, squeezing his cock inside me. If I had my way we'd never stop this display of lustful passion. He puts me down, his cock slipping from my vaginal grip, "Turn around." he growls at me, he sounds so animalistic at the moment.

I turn around and put my face against the wall, I feel him grip my hips pulling me towards him slightly. His cock head probes my opening, then he thrusts expertly back into me, he is breath taking. He starts slowly, diligently, and steadily…soon he's pounding me to my first orgasm, our sounds of pleasure resonate off the walls. I'm cumming so hard my legs are shaking, I feel faint and light headed but I dont want to stop. "Can we move over there?" I point to the bench at the back of the shower. He withdraws from me and sits down, I straddle his lap and just before I engulf his hard member he says, "I know this is a lot to ask, but I'd love it if you took me here." he rubs my asshole with his wet finger. I watch him suck my nipples while I take a second to think about it, the more I think about it the more I feel my anus relax…i want him, WTF why not? I take his dick in hand, press his head against my puckered anus and slowly slide down on his erection. I cant help but be turned on as he moans with my nipple in his mouth, and his cock buried balls deep in my ass. After sitting there skewered by him for a few seconds I start to ride him, he relinquishes my breast to kiss my lips. He grabs my ass separating my buttocks all while plunging deep into me, he thrusts up as I descend onto him. It feels like heaven, we continue like this for god knows how long.

Soon I'm cumming again over and over again, as soon as one orgasm stops another starts, I can barely breathe. My legs are quivering and my vision is blurred, I want him to explode inside me. I look him in his eyes, "Cum inside me please, I want to feel you shoot inside me, please…?" I'm begging, this is unlike me, he makes me do things I dont normally do, makes me ask for the unthinkable. He nods and starts moving inside me with a deliberate purpose, I'm holding on to him for dear life, tears running down my face. Not pain but pleasure I feel so connected to him at that moment, he took care of my every need now I want to do the same for him. His cock gets unbearably hard, he feels massive and I love it. The thought of him blowing his load is intoxicating, then it happens. I feel his cock contracting shooting his hot steamy cream deep inside me coating me. My ass is involuntarily contracting milking every drop from him. I damn near collapsed in his arms as we both took a moment to catch our breath. He looked up into my eyes, and I couldnt help but kiss him some more…I have a feeling this isnt over yet.

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