Revisit the Big Boy & Vice Sex

Five months into my journey, I revisited the Rocks Off Big Boy. This was my first prostate massager. It is very large. I have never been able to get the last , largest ball inside of me. Coating it with allot of coconut oil and lubing myself well and with some effort , Saturday I was able to slip the large ball inside. Turned out still to be a disappointment as it was not directly on my prostate. In my experience, both of the Rocks Off products I own cause me to become flaccid, even if I am stroking. I can cum that way and have the overflowing type of ejaculation. They will not stay in place either unless you actually sit on them, which lessens the vibration and minimizes the sensations inside. No comparison to the Vice or Progasm. Both of these usually produce very hard erections and powerful Super T's !.

Had a nice time with the wife on Sunday with the Vice. I haven't used it in a while as I have been experimenting with the Progasm. I had forgotten how intense the Vice can be. She gave me a wonderful blow job before starting to tease herself with her Rabbit. I stroke and watch her bring herself to orgasm. I roll over and slide my cock into her now wet pussy with the Vice still inserted. As I pump deep into her the Vice pumps deep into me. It feel fantastic and I can feel the vibrations in the base of my cock. I pull out and she flicks her engorged clit as I finish myself off and shoot on her stomach and pussy. The Vice is still pounding and buzzing as I sit on my knees and bask in the aftermath. I need to work the Vice back into my schedule :(