Less is More

Rewind 5 years. I am on my own in a hotel room, still jet lagged from a long flight. My body clock is all over the place. Wide awake at 3am. Feeling horny, with a sexual longing from the lower part of my body that promises something deeper. As I lay there, I can induce gentle waves of pleasure in my pelvic area. They are beautiful but frustratingly faint. It reminded me of the mysterious sexual feelings I had when I was a young boy laying in bed naked without a care in the world. Then, as now, there was a transcendental element to it. The longing increases and intuitively, I know that a traditional release is not the answer, but I don’t know what is or how to achieve it.

Fast forward 3 years. My situation has changed. I still travel on business but have more time at home. I use it to try and fully understand what my longings were and see if there was anything I could do to satisfy them. Have been married a long time and sex with my wife is frequent and pleasurable, but I knew there was more. Then I found the Aneros. It took some getting used to but following the advice and instructions to relax as best I could, new and wonderful sensations developed and I knew I was on the right track.

Nearly a year ago, I stopped using the Aneros. I must have a particularly sensitive prostate because I had developed the ability to have amazing sensations on demand without the Aneros in. This is known as A-less and it helped me address a longing I had been made aware of all those years earlier. It raised some questions too. For example, the A-less sessions often include intense anal orgasms and sensations I had not experienced before. It made me question my sexuality. Several people on the forum have experienced similar feelings and conflicts and it has been good to share thoughts with them.

My lovely wife does not know about the Aneros but I have told her about my prostate re-wiring and the amazing effect it has had on me. Lovemaking is different now. I feel that I understand her better and spend more time touching her using tantric techniques, which she loves. Sex is deeply satisfying and my A-less orgasms seem to get better and better as each day passes. After each session, I say to myself that they cannot get any better, but they do. A-less orgasms have become more and more intense, with a definite build up and release. There is a distinct feeling of ejaculation which seems to last for ages, then a short period and it starts all over again. The only limiting factor is the time I have to enjoy it. I can trigger an immediate Super O and/or anal orgasms just by thinking a particular fantasy and have delicious chairgasms throughout the day. Just wonderful!

There is no doubt there is much more. My A-less journey continues to take me along paths that delight and surprise, with my sexy and gorgeous wife alongside me.

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/less-is-more-1-2/