Slow and Steady

It's seems to be far and few between blog entries. Things have continued better than I could hope the last few months. Every few weeks something different and usually better develops from my continued Aneros use.

The whole process for me feels more and more like it's in my head )which it is primarily(. The most tangible pleasure comes from the prostate area, but I'm grown more in tune with how my mind drives the whole cascade. There have been a few times during sessions that I'd observe to myself that this is really in my mind and a surge of pleasure filling my consciousness would overtake me for a few seconds.

Along with the idea of this whole experience being in my mind, I'll actively worked to let go even more during my sessions. This was where another step forward happened this evening. My best results have happened when I've worked to inhibit my physical reactions and contractions to the changes in pleasure and sensation. At times in the past I would "get greedy" and bear down trying to get even more from the current pleasure. It just seemed natural. I've clued into a mindset where I respond as if the Aneros is acting on me and reveling in whatever sensations occur however small or great. Usually they end up greater if I continue this way.

There are only minimal muscle actions from me during the session. I might apply a little more contraction to the PC muscles or do something that feels like releasing the muscles to each side of the pelvis on the front.

This evening I did more to try and let things build up before I started vocalizing. Vocalizing completes the feedback loop for me and keeps me in an orgasmic state. I can only get so far without vocalizing, but I'm trying to prolong the experience leading up to where I feel compelled to vocalize.

After I started to orgasm I got more and more into a mindset of releasing myself to the sensations. In retrospect I felt like I was a tool for the Aneros to use. My arms were more involved this time as I eventually allowed them to be moved by the whims of the orgasm. Sometimes they would be rigid, moving in jerky motions as I writhed in bed. At other times they'd be swaying as if I was wading through the pleasure floating in the air. Many times I would just brace myself against the bed as is common for me anyway. This time there were more instances where I felt like lifting my chest toward the ceiling and slightly raising my upper body from the bed in the peaks of euphoria.

I don't know if any one of the peaks I had was any higher than anything I had before, but it was more freeing and higher as an overall experience. The peaks seemed more like high plateaus that lingered for a while. The super-O lasted for about an hour and a half or so. It trapped me. There wasn't a lull to make me think it might end soon. I was just existing in the high until I felt thoroughly satisfied.

45 minutes to an hour of constant orgasm is fairly common for me if I'd had at least a day away from Aneros and I'm not tired. It had been two days plus and I was pretty rested compared to recent weeks. Several things came together for a very intense experience and even longer than normal.