I'm BacK!

I know I have been gone from you guys to long but with work and trying to get my body in shape this site kind of went on a back burner. But I am here and I have missed all my orgasming buddies.

First I would like to mention that I am riing my new toy riht now which is Mr. Eupho. He is so beautiful and treats me with the upmost respect and care. lol I purchased him myself for my birthday this last September. He is smaller then my Progasm but still packs a punch like my Helix syn. He's actually punching and massaging my prostate right now as I write this.

I thought with me going big then back to small I wouldn't get that much sensations oh but was I wrong. The second night riding him he made me cum hands free after a day break of cumming. It was amazing and suprising all at once. My eyes were rolling in the back of my hea and the tears were continuosly flowing down my face as I rode the xstacy train all the way to blissville. Its sleak but still stern and gives me ust as much power and aggression as my Vice.

Have also added some other toys to my collection as well. Not aneros products but still good. I bought a bulet vibrator. I stick him up there with Mr. Helix. They have become the best of friends and always leaves me with a smile on my face and cum drippling down my leg. Also more cock rings too. They keep my nice and hard for a nice three hour edge session. Yes I still have been pushing my self with my edging sessions. I do go over the edge and have ruined orgasms but hey a nut is a nut.

So to close this out I have been so content that I need my brothers back. On many full moons I have rode thinking about us all just orgasing and being one with our prostates.

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/im-back/