Aneros while shopping

My Helix Aneros in me while doing my shopping.

Well, let me introduce myself first. I'm a bi-curious 25 years old university student and I'm in a complicated relationship my bf, a transman : a very handsome, muscled and manly guy with a vagina instead of a penis. Physically, i'm an average guy, not slim nor muscled.

My partner challenged me to wear my Helix device while we do our routinely weekend shopping at the nearest mall. The weather was really hot that day. I recall I was wearing a classic white T-shirt, blue navy shorts and white flip flops. I don't know why, but when white flip flops turn me on. In case of precumming, I've put a sanitary pad in my undies. I know, its funny!!

So, I've told my bf I'm not going to drive with the aneros in. Sitting in the car was a bit uncomfortable because of the aneros' tails. Each bump gave me an 'urge to pee' sensation.
At the mall, walking with it was quite comfortable but I can feel the lube leaking and wetting my undies. Fortunately, nothing was visible from the outside.

The most crucial moment was when I bowed to take a bottle on the shelves. I felt the pulsation starting. I contracted my anus as hard as I could to make it stop. I could feel the droplets of sweat on my forehead. My legs felt suddenly weak. Then the tickling sensation on the tip of my penis started, I knew I was precumming involuntarily.
I first said I'm gonna to the restroom to remove it, but the pulsation stopped. I sat on a bench while my bf continued shopping. I was looking at my toes curling in my flip flops, trying to resist. I was sitting, my face facing the floor while holding my head. I wasn't even aroused nor horny. My prostate was like boiling inside me.

I phoned my bf to beg him to go back home. He took about 15 min to checkout which seemed to be an hour to me. On our way to the parking, when the elevator stopped, the shock gave me another contraction. My feet were so sweaty that they were slipping in my flip flops, which contributed to the pulsation.
In the car, I calmed down. I took out the sanitary pad and I was able to feel the wetness. I think I unconsciously peed too, cause there were yellow traces. Back home, when walking up the stairs, I squirted a big load. The only thing I had in mind was to get the aneros out. I felt so grained!!