On and off I've been working with the Progasm Jr. Made lots of progress and I'm able to reach the super-o very quickly within about 20 minutes. I think the intermittent sessions have really powered up my anus, much to the delight of my partner.

Current setup to the super-o:

Laying on my right side, pad between the knees. I pull my knees closer to my chest (opens the ass a bit more). I keep the anus voluntarily contracted, then begin to bring in the PC muscles. This kicks off the auto-fucking. Since the muscles have gotten so much stronger, the anal pumping makes me grunt loudly. This is my favorite part.

When I decide to have a super-o, I straighten my legs a bit and the convulsions begin. My legs shake and I begin crushing the pillow between my arms. I feel like the convulsions last only about 10-12 seconds, then I'm exhausted and need to stop. It's not that I'm out of shape, but the full body flexing uses up a lot of energy. I realized that I kept ejaculating before because the rapid thrusting was making my scrotum swing and this indirectly stimulated my penis. I have managed to keep from ejaculating for three sessions now.