The liquid energy of Aneros pleasure!

Hi guys,

For a good three weeks or longer during October just past, I didn't have an Aneros session. Things had come up which prevented me from having a session. Plus it started getting really cold after Columbus Day holiday weekend. However, Aless continued unabated, although the intensity of Aless had gotten lesser and lesser as the weeks elapsed. But boy, I really wanted to restart my Aneros sessions once again! My body craved it!

Finally last Friday on October 31 towards noontime, I had a session. Working with my Aneros tools after such a long absence or hiatus seemed to be the most natural thing in the world. It was like my body was telling me, "O Aneros, where had you been!" It seemed that my sessions picked up where they left off several weeks ago.

However this morning, I had a session upon awakening. My best sessions are always first thing in the morning when my body is freshest and most alert. This morning it seemed that each of the models I used inserted more than easily. It seemed they wanted to make love to me!

I experienced with great ease liquid pleasure, even waves, of sweet Aneros pleasure. Nothing was demanded of me this morning. All I had to do is sit back and enjoy the Aneros ride with each of my models. Once again I just focused on experiencing fun and pleasure with Aneros! Once again as I worked with each model, the pleasure got better and better! It is absolutely amazing to get in the Aneros zone and experience Aneros zoneros.

I may even have an abbreviated session early tomorrow morning!

Take care!