A Wonderful Session and a Fantasy

I have not done an entry here in quite a while, but I just came off of one of the most exquisite sessions that I have had in a long time. I decided to commit the experience to writing because just yesterday I was chatting with someone in here on the magnetic pull that my desire exerts on my body. When my desire sings in my thoughts I am weak, I cannot ignore it. I have lined my underpants before I sat down to do this entry as I am sure I will be leaking profusely before I am halfway through it.

I have come to realize that my most euphoric, deep and resonant sessions occur when just the right combination of conditions, thoughts and bodily functions come together in a “perfect orgasmic storm” so to speak. Such was the case last night. My sessions over the last few days had been really half hearted and very short. None were more than 30 minutes and I was unable to maintain the mental focus or the erotic inspiration to rise to a pinnacle of sensation. Twice this week my wife coaxed a copious amount of cum from me, once orally and the other when we were in a very intense mutual masturbation session. That masturbation session was two nights ago and it literally drained my balls. Over the last few weeks I have been finalizing my erotic novel to send it to some friends for review and comment. A few nights ago I was editing a part of the story that is in a time and place of a homoerotic exchange between my character and another main character. The narrative describing their sexual liason is particularly steamy. Editing gets me extremely aroused as I can read without stopping too much; as a result I was feeling extremely sexy.

Since my rewiring when I am aroused, my arousal does not manifest itself in an erection and a need to ejaculate, as it did in my past. Now when I am extremely aroused I am cloaked in a mental and physical state of feeling extremely sexual; my entire bodily is steaming with sexual sensation and my mind is consumed with sensual imagery and feelings. There is no urgency or desperation to the arousal and it is not cock centered or orgasm driven. Rather it is a state of mindful sensual connection that pervades my body. My cock will shift from semi erection to erection and it will leak precum indiscriminately. My cock root will be enervated and my anus will tingle and twitch spontaneously. I will feel a deep sexual hunger that is more mentally focused than physically directed. This hunger manifests itself in a craving for sexual intimacy.

All of the above came together for me yesterday as I readied for bed at 11:30 PM. When we shut the lights out and I cuddled my lady as we fell asleep I knew that the early morning would witness me in an extremely pleasurable session. I knew it and I needed it.

It did not surprise me when I woke at 3 AM in the deep dark quiet of the night with a stone hard cock and arousal making my anus tingle and my prostate throb deep in my anal tract. My wife was on her side facing away from me with her knees bent. She was unconsciously offering me her derriere for docking. Ever so sensually and tenderly the lilting voice of prostate orgasm was urging me to come with her, to follow her and get lost in the silent hazy world of orgasmic rapture. Unable to resist I deftly slipped my erection between my wife’s warm ass cheeks and waiting for her to take me to that secret place where I surrender to exquisite pleasure. The reaction was immediate. My anus began to convulse in rhythmic involuntary contractions from the warm pressure of her soft skin on my frenular cleft under my cockhead. I breathed deeply and quietly willing my breaths to fuel the ongoing anal spasms I was having. It did. Slowly the extent of the spasms of my anus began to intensify. As they did they extended their influence up my anal tract. As my anal canal became engaged in the growing contractions the pleasure that resulted from them increased. The metronome like contractions took a life of their own. I had no control or influence over them. I became a spectator do my breathing and relaxing, almost removing my body from the experience I was having but keeping my mind focused on the pleasure that was resulting from what was going on.

I backed away from my wife; it had only been 10 minutes. I moved to the far side of our king sized bed. Rolling onto my stomach I gently pressed my cockhead against the mattress sandwiching it between my belly and the smooth cool sheets underneath me. I turned my upper body a little to raise my left nipple off the bed and allow my finger to have access to it. Ever so gently I used my middle finger to touch my erect nipple and toggle it ever minute or so. My nipples are direct wired to my prostate. The touch of my finger on my hypersensitive nipple electrified the orgasm. The rhythmic contraction of my anal tract went from a 1,2,3,4 beat to a quicker 1,2 1,2, 1,2 beat. As my prostate engaged itself in the sensual dance of expanding orgasmic sensation, the ecstasy that echoed in my anal tract became profoundly resonant. I often times use the term echo, or chiming describing MMO pleasure waves. They were just that, they had a depth and richness to them that gave them a resonating sensation of euphoria. As waves od orgasmic euphoria swept into my anal canal my cock root began to lurch underneath me sending its own waves of elegantly erotic sensation into my pelvis. My orgasmic fire was ignited.

The flames of multiple orgasm fully engulfed my pelvis, cock root and anal tract; as excruciating pleasure inflamed me I breathed and surrendered myself to its thick erotic euphoria. I was there, drinking in big gulps of pleasure, slaking the orgasmic thirst that had captured my thoughts earlier before I took my clothes off and got in to bed to offer myself to mistress MMO.

I was sailing into open water now riding up each successive orgasmic swell and down the other side of the next one. There was no interval in these pleasure waves, as each one faded the next one caressed my body and picked me up a lifted me to mind numbing rapture.

I looked at the clock. It was a quarter to four. I had been at this for 45 minutes and I was already at a higher level of orgasmic sensation than I had been in for several weeks. By cock was semi erect and drooling precum in a hot stream on the sheets.

The point that I was at was the ideal position to be in, as the pleasure does not require my attention to maintain it. All I need to do is keep a clear undistracted mind and not think of anything but the pleasure and focus on riding the wave that was carrying me. When I am where I was just before 4 AM I have the ability to guide the session using various tools that I have learned over the years. The hard part is to maintain the mental focus to control my body and mind to inflame the pleasure and not just be numbed into quiet abandon as the flames of pleasure lick at my skin and my pelvis, anal canal and cock. Rising above the orgasmic din that was squeezing everything below my chest and creating euphoric cacophony inside my head, I decided to add erotic imagery to the cocktail that my orgasm was drinking. The more powerful the brew was that I fed it the more intoxicated the pleasure became and deeper I was pulled into this blissful rapture that I sought.

I projected myself into the fantasy that I was working on in the novel the day before. The setting was a campsite in a bucolic and beautiful setting overlooking a lake at sunset. It is remote and totally private. I am naked having just come out of the crystal clear lake adjacent to the campsite. I am there with a male companion who also has just emerged from the lake. We do not dry off, but rather we allow the cooling early evening air to chill our skin and erect our nipples. We gaze at each others nude forms, gliding our eyes over the sensual male landscape that we are offering to each other for visual enjoyment. I get a rush from standing before him vulnerably naked as I was. I did not hide my stiffening cock from him, in fact I relished the opportunity to share visually with him the response I felt to seeing his own long thick penis growing for me.

We have an unspoken previously agreed erotic liaison planned for that evening but we did not think about how it would start it. We did not need a script, our mutual nudity and our growing arousal provided all the inspiration we needed. Coming together in slow deliberate steps we embraced, the sensation of my cock pressed against the warn rigidity of his cock cemented our intent. Any reticence to a kiss evaporated, kissing him became a hunger that needed to be satisfied. As our lips joined we both began to grind our cocks against each others abdomens. As we pressed our cocks agianst each other seeking the pleasure of erotic friction it became a lewd dance between two naked men, each trying to lead the other in a dance that men have choreographed for centuries but rarely performed out of fear or ridicule.

I thought of how sexy he was and sensual I felt to be sharing this erotic experience. Overwhelmed with the sexual intimacy of the moment, I imagined drawing him down onto a blanket next to a warming campfire. He kisses my neck and trails his lips down to my nipples suckling them and swelling my prostate in the process. As he sucks and nibbles my nipples they begin the ache with desire. There agonizing pleasure I feel in my nipples radiates to my prostate and makes it begin to pulse rhythmically as sensations of blissful orgasm begin to squeeze it. I feel an MMO being set up to launch.

I want him and I need him but I also want to nurture him and share true intimacy with him. I want to feed him my “devils nectar”, my pre cum. I shift my body up on the blanket so that his face passes my belly button and is adjacent to my groin. I lie on my side and bend and part my legs so that one is on the ground and the other is almost at a right angle. I place my hands on his temples and bring his head to my inner thigh and rest it on my thigh as if it were a pillow. With one hand I grasp my cock at its base and direct it towards his mouth. I shift my the other hand to the back of his head and slide his head towards my cock so that my swollen cockhead leaking the clear sweet nectar of the devil touches his warm lips.

Softly I murmur to him: “let me feed you, drink my warm juice and suckle on me gently”. He needs no instruction as his lips wrap around my shaft and he tenderly sucks on it as if it was an udder. He does not perform oral sex on me, instead he tenderly sucks the precum from me and uses my cock to provide the mental succor that he once enjoyed from his mothers tit or from sucking his own thumb, but it is my cock. The fact that he is nursing on my cock inflames his arousal as the act itself calms him creating this sensual dilemma in him. It doesn’t matter as his is feeling deep bliss and is rewarded every few sucks with a load of my precum dribbling onto his tongue.

I stroke the side of his head with the tender attention of an intimate provider as he enjoys the sensation of my warm smooth cockhead on his tongue. Soon the MMO ignites in my deep in my anus and the flow of my precum becomes copious. He lies on my thigh and drinks hungrily as I sail into spasms of orgasmic delirium as I stroke his temple and run my fingers through his hair.

The impact of this erotic scenario in my mind throws gasoline on the fire of my MMO as I lay in bed this morning. It was almost 4:30 AM and the pleasure that was impaling my anus was making my prostate pump hard and fast. The pleasure was excruciating. My anus which had been flexing in response to each internal anal contraction suddenly froze, immobilized at the pinnacle of an exquisitely intense pleasure spasm. My prostate was screaming in agony as it rapid fired gripping convulsive waves of white hot ecstasy. Images of that loving mouth intimately nursing from my rigid cock and drinking the clear sweet nectar of the devil from deep inside of me inflamed the MMO to climb higher and higher.

The words “nectar of the devil” and his warm mouth drinking from my cock swirled in my head and pushed the orgasmic waves to become a series of pleasure tsunamis that washed away everything in their path. Clinging to my sanity and any shred of reality I could grasp I wallowed in the most profound rapture I had ever experience even as it tore through me.

It was 6 AM when mistress MMO released me from her iron tender grip. I was going to go back to sleep but instead I opted to come down here to the familiar spot in early morning to put my experience in words for me to remember. Here they are.

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