Aneros autof**k strokes: Relaxation and subtlety

Hi guys,

It is hard to believe that I bought my first Aneros models nearly three years ago in late December 2011. They were the MGX, Helix Classic, and Progasm Classic. When I opened the packages and surveyed those models, I became scared because they seemed so HUGE. How could I even insert them into my anus? So they sat unused for a good six months, until I used Aneros Syn early Sunday evening June 3, 2012. I was an absolute virgin when it came to anal play. The Aneros Syn took away my anal virgin and quickly became a great introduction to my Aneros journey. In the months following, I began using Maximus, both Progasm ICE and Progasm Classic and then other models. But I took many months before I began to use my models with facility. When I got Tempo and the Peridise full set in late November 2013, my sessions began to improve immeasurably.

Tempo from the get go taught me Aneros rhythm which enhanced my Aneros autof**k experience. All I can say that in recent weeks and months, I am developing relaxation and subtlety in my sessions which are now centered upon my Aneros autof**k strokes. Human fucking when it is passionate tends to be similar to rutting in other animals. Our procreation, making babies, to be honest is similar to breeding in other animals. But there is a great subtlety also found in human lovemaking. Yes, fucking at times is animalistic, but often fucking is a sublime experience, a bonding and unitive experience.

This now I am experience as I ride my Aneros tools. Almost every session, I discover something new as I engage with my various models. Now I find myself aiming for relaxation and subtlety as I ride my tools. Even more wonderful when I relax, let go, and I let them ride me! It seems that is every Aneros autof**k stroke is different and even exciting. Now I am developing Aneros focus as I feel every model engage with my anal musculature and prostate in new, exciting ways. It is so sweet and full of fun! The Aneros makes me glad that I am a man!