Maximus in tandum with Progasm

I continue my quest with more than one of these toys of pleasure, tonight the mighty Maximus and the gentler yet no less mighty Progasm. In this journey my libido has definitely affected my multiple ride sessions. I’ve enjoyed the normal chat room conversations each evening and blogged following new discoveries.

This evening was no different joining in the open chat room for a bit. I received a private chat request and let’s just say the conversation ended with pleasurable liquidity. I cooled down for a bit and began my normal cleansing routine. I started with Maximus and my breathing machine. Maximus filled me and moved as we communed in concert with each other. He prepared my prostate with gentle waves and vibrations through me. And as my course though the more than one adventure he slowed his movements signaling me to switch to Progasm.

Now Progasm has always known when I’ve been ready for fun and he didn’t disappoint. As I began to move him he slowly would touch the now tender prostate knowing just what to do. He would tickle and he would touch and he would slowly slide all in unison with my CPAP machine. He began to slowly build P-waves that would crash over my loins like waves on the shoreline. He teased me bringing me up and down.

Then he threw abandon to the wind and treated me to a Dry O. My Progasm slowed then picked up again bringing on a second Dry O. I’m satisfied with the ride so far but Progasm isn’t through with me yet. He builds again and I begin to thrust my hips with uncontrollable pleasure for a good five minutes. He allowed me to recover for a short while and followed that with two more Dry O’s.

By now it’s very late I must stop. Progasm doesn’t want me to, so I let him bring me to one more threshold and remove him. Yes, combining the strengths and nuances of my toys with focused breathing and an energized libido allow new avenues of direction. I’m not sure which two or three of my other Aneros I will combine next but, I will.

Do me a favor suggest two, three, or even four models. With Holiday time off this will be the perfect time to bring this journey to the next level. The quest to focus and bring into control all of the pleasurable senses, muscular, and respiratory groups to make the Aneros experience better is worthy of these toys.