Did I just Super-O?

This was my second time using the aneros and I'm unsure wether or not it was a full on super-o, let me describe the feelings I had with it:

First off, I was in my bed listening to this, a hands free orgasm hypnosis wearing headphones. The first maybe 5 minutes I feel pretty much nothing but after that my sphincter muscle started contracting which felt nice, this intensified for a bit followed by a sense of drifting away and then rocking back and forth.

After a while my muscles start tensing up, like all over my body, my stomach, chest, neck, hell even my face was tense, I almost couldn't move my arms but it still felt soooo good, almost overwhelming. At this point I was spazzing a bit in the bed. I was breathing so fast and heavy and by this point the hypnosis audio was just background noise.

But then it didn't develop much further, it still felt amazing and I kept breathing heavily and the tenseness was still there only slowly declining.

Afterwards I just laid there, kind of exhausted but not "satisfied" as I'm used to with traditional orgasms and actually still a bit horny. During all this I never got hard and I didn't cum, nor pre-cum.

I'm wondering if I had my first full on Super-O or if there's even more to it, what do you think?

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  1. It sure sounds like one. So congratulations! I’m extremely jealous that you managed it after only two sessions, but that’s irrelevant lol. Super-Os don’t really generate that "satisfied" feeling you’re talking about. The super-o is unique because once it’s over, if you’re experienced enough, you can quickly get back to that state. Or, to put it another way, think of an ejaculatory orgasm like cliff diving: you climb up the hill/cliff, then jump off and it’s over. The super-o is more like a ferris wheel: slow to build up, the best part is at the top, and once you start to come back down, you can stay on the ride for another rotation if you want to (bad analogy is bad, but you get the point I hope). Eventually once you’re more experienced with the toy, you can learn to sort of manipulate it while you’re in that super-o state, and believe it or not it’s almost as if there’s a whole new layer of stuff to explore while you’re there. It’s very common that after a session, most folks jerk off like normal to get that "satisfied" feeling.

  2. Haha, I’m surprised it happened so quickly after reading it can take people much longer to get there. The analogy actually makes sense, thank you! 🙂 Man, I don’t know if I could handle getting back to that state right after leaving it, that shit was intense! Is it common not to at least drip any pre-cum?

  3. Yeah, it took me literally years to get there, so you’re very fortunate. Glad the silly analogy made sense, lol. Once you get used to it, it’s not so bad to go from one super-o right into another. Sure, it’s intense, but it’s so good. And it’s not too uncommon. Pre-cum dripping can vary based on how vigorous the prostate stimulation is. The sensations can be intense, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the stimulation is vigorous, if that makes sense.

  4. Try not to end your sessions by jerking off this only confuses your body/mind while you are learning. Wait at least an hour or so after you finish with Aneros or separate your aneros sessions with masturbation all together.

  5. I just tried this out with my Helix Syn listening to the hypnosis. I definitely felt waves of great pleasure coming about, but it never peaked to the point of feeling better than a TO. I was lying in a bed with headphones and had my covers over me. I have read that anything touching your penis could alter the sensations. So I laid on my side and it felt great, but as I said before it didn’t feel better than a TO. I did replay the second half multiple times and each time the sensations got stronger. Did you use a Helix Syn? Mine normally won’t stay fully in – wondering if this would affect the pleasure? I’ll push it fully in, but it seems to slip out just a little bit.

  6. I use the MGX, a bit of slipping out should be okay as I think that would just be the aneros adjusting to your body, try to keep it in by tensing your sphincter muscle.

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