He's distracting me

I couldn't sleep someone has affected my concentration. But, I want to experience distraction. I start by inserting my other toy of choice, my penis plug. It stimulates me to just above flaccid. I also choose to begin with my Eurpho Syn, we join, we are one, we move, we dance. He's still there. Eurpho is oh so quietly tickling my prostate and a hint of p-waves touch my anus. I relax, a few more waves move me, Eurpho responds. After 45 minutes of his gentle caress we depart ways.

I introduce Maximus to my anal canal, as usual his girth fills me he takes over. I appreciated this aspect of him. Maximus moves slowly but with purpose touching me with more assurance and my sphincter moves him. We start to rise together in concert simultaneously as I lift my hips from the bed keeping in time with his strokes. He is determined to distract me. My body is slowly beginning to vibrate in s-waves appreciating this attention, he wants more of me, and I let him have all of me, I need him right now. He is introducing me to a new set of sensations I can't describe. But my plan is to incorporate 4 Aneros tonight with my plug so, Maximus reluctantly gives way to MGX.

MGX insists on more lube so I oblige and we meet as old friend because we are. MGX is nimble and quick with his actions moving inside to his beat and his drummer. I pickup my breathing to match his drum beat and he rewards me. An O is building, its building fast, right now I so need this so I let the O overtake me. As I rest more the O hints I'm here for you let me, let me, let me have you again. I submit, the O is more intense, I have to gasp, and the O settles down with the warmest of glows. My finish to this session is Vice, I know he is more direct so I give him more lubrication.

We begin to cycle and as a couple of the pulsing modes activate the motion transfers through me to my plug. Now this is new, my prostate is moving this surgical steel toy of pleasure inside my penis. My hips begin to grind into my mattress to intensify my sphincter movements. We are in concert again, my contractions, my breathing, the grinding of my hips, my butt is moving upward and downwards, and I begin to hear an in and out sucking sound between my legs. Yes, Vice moving and I'm so exhausted by now I'm at a loss of how to continue this session. I force myself to relax, breath slower, even more slowly, then I am suddenly enveloped with a fog of pure pleasure that my entire body is humming. I turn Vice off and we commune in silence. My body is limp but tingling. I'm going to have a hard time thinking of other things today, a lot in part to why this session started off so differently.

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