Got my 1st SUPER “0”

Since mt last blog i had been having some sessions with the Classic & in between also doing Kegels.I had been away from the sessions for a while & with the Kegel exercises i was enjoying quite strong wet orgasms and noted good & fuller ejaculations.I had wanted to go back to the Classic for more sessions and made a return to it just before Christmas.I was missing that nice “full feeling” experience of the Classic when its inside my anus..& also on the day i was also feeling quite hot & aroused, maybe with all the run-around that happens coming up to the Christmas. I did get a good lie-in on the day and was feeling very relaxed. It was strange but i felt a hunger for the Classic? I had a nice warm shower
and douche but the douching brought on an erection
in the shower. I did not want to cum so i kept cool and soon the erection subsided.It was in the afternoon so i got prepared for my session with the Classic. I have my sessions on the bed lying on my back,so i put out my pillows,towels,and everything else ready to hand. I have a nice comfy “T” shirt that i wear on top but from the waist down im naked. With pillows placed on the bed to raise my back & anus & with my legs apart i lubed up on my
hole and onto the Classic.Taking a deep breath & MMmmmmmmm -so nice feeling the Classic slide in..
My erotic thoughts were going thru my mind and as normal as it happens i got an erection. Wow was i feeling hot! I had experienced some waves of pleasure on my previous sessions but this time they were feeling more intense? I let these waves wash thru me and at the same time i was applying gentle anal contractions onto the classic.Unawares to me this action started to make these “new” wave patterns much more intense? I lay there engorged in this pleasure.As the waves peaked they made me moan. Now they started taking on a “cyclic” pattern
of their own! At peak level I moaned, i really did..
I just lay there -and let things happen! I never felt anything like this kept going…
-the “recycling waves” of pure pleasure going right thru me. They would build deep in my pelvis and “burn-outwards” thru my whole body.. OOOOoooooooo.
The strangest thing then happened the Classic made an “involuntary spurt of contractions” I don’t know how this happened? all i do know is that shortly after this a fookin “HUGH” wave began to build!! My
erotic thoughts went into this “massive” buildup. This monster wave shook my whole being. It felt like an atomic bomb going off! I felt so hot and my face went contorted, my whole body went into an uncontrolled convulsion{s}( I could’nt breath properly? I really felt & thought i was going to suffocate… My tightly clenched fists gripped the bed! It forced me to CRY OUT… AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGgggggggggg.. I was totally swamped in this so-called “SUPER 0” I remember as the massive waves peak feeling the Classic involuntary pumping inside of me! It was a total “out of body experience” I never-ever- felt anything like this!
With the strength of this “Super 0” it caused me to push my head deep into the pillow.When i recovered i looked to see if i had shot cum but there was’nt any {except some ooozing precum} WoW!

………… be continued………..