COMPLETE BREAKTHROUGH: TIFU by trying to relax at home, after overeating at a New Year’s Eve party

The best I can do about describing this is going to be simple and a little bit clinical, and graphic if you don’t like toilet humor. (It’s essential for the plot though.) I’m still incredibly turned on and a little embarrassed by remembering this, but I want to be exact so that I can remember it properly. Is it weird to want to start tracking this stuff, the success stories? Here we go…

I’m a huge introvert. Small gatherings are easy – family dinner or whatever. For larger things (parties, formal occasions, etc.) I can do fairly okay, but I need to decompress afterwards. I’ve always loved having a day off. My home is small and cozy and a place to be safe.

When I’m finally home from an exhausting social event I like to take the rest of the night off (or the next morning, or whenever I can set this all up) for a "spa day" sort of thing, doing things I like to do to relax, and usually doing as much of them together as possible.

The usual: shower, settle in pajamas on the couch or at the PC, maybe order takeout or make something to eat, maybe have a drink or light up, and enjoy myself. Sometimes I watch porn, and I put out towels and masturbate or use sex toys, and clean up after.

I got too high at a New Year’s Eve party and ate too much and it was amazing. Before doing all the above tonight after coming home early from that party, the first thing I did was take some Pepto. Whatever indigestion dogged me for the rest of the party was pretty much handled, I felt. I didn’t feel like I needed to relieve myself right then, so I took that in my too-high state as a good sign to relax, why not break out the toys and go to bed.

I have a lot of traditional dildos and so on, but my absolute favorite massager is the Helix Syn. Needless to say, every experience I’ve had with it is amazing, and they’re a hell of a lot better when I’m high.

All of that background, leading up to this:

I fall asleep, still uncomfortably high, with the Helix inserted. My dream eventually turns into one of the best sex dreams I’ve ever had, but that’s another story. I come in my dream, and it’s strong enough that I wake up – coming violently, shaking and screaming, my ass is exploding and taking me with it. It’s only been three hours after I fell asleep. I am deliriously vertigo-high, I can feel everything, I am one with the prostate god… and I have an epic, heavy, solid shit impatient to get out, and it’s wedging the head of the Helix right against my prostate. And it fucking hurts, and it’s the best thing I have ever fucking felt.

That was me as of about 10pm last night. I couldn’t distinguish the too-full ache in my ass from being either my swollen prostate against the Helix head or the shit shifting when my ass clenched around it. I couldn’t fall asleep, I didn’t dare move against the vertigo, I couldn’t stop coming. I lost track of time and place. I was the universe. I loved everyone and everything, and my ass was an exploding fireball of nirvana, and I couldn’t feel my cock or balls at all so I’m assuming I stayed soft and never blew my load.

At this point I sometimes couldn’t see straight, there would be a roar in my ears, I’d lose track of my thoughts. I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t speak, until the explosions and contractions were temporarily settled. I remember reaching for my phone on the bedside table to check the time, trying desperately not to move my hips or shift anything more than just my arms – and I nudged the toy a little deeper, and that built up into another long series of orgasms. I remember latching onto the phone in panic, and immediately letting go because I was afraid I’d crack the screen. I felt it come loose from the charging cord, I heard it hit the wall, but that’s all I remember.

That was me until I woke up today around 8am. I could barely sleep all night, I think I’ve almost had enough. It’s starting to hurt a little bit by now.

I’m laying upside-down in bed, curled up fetal. My pajamas and the sheets are tangled, the pillows are between my legs, I’ve completely soaked prostate-fluid through the one-size-too-small boxers I like to wear to keep my Helix in, through one pillow and the sheets.

I stay in bed all morning. I never stop coming, never want to. I think it was after one when I finally tried to take stock of things – I have to eat and drink something today, I have to clean up from last night…

I have to fight my body the whole way to the bathroom.

I can’t get out of bed, can’t crawl down the hall, don’t want to risk shitting in the bathtub with not enough drainage, can’t sit still on the toilet, without my prostate threatening to explode. I take minutes catcher-crouching over the toilet, peeling my soaked boxers down without disturbing the Helix too much, actually sitting down (with shaking knees and white knuckles, no less) and trying to take the shit itself.

I come again, harder, because I’m actually trying to work my ass consciously now around this monster shit, and I’m sore as hell. Sweating, reeling, dizzy, all of that, like I've had a religious experience. I’ve honestly cried from this several times today. I feel like I’ve unlocked something in the emotional/artistic/creative half of my brain.

Finally I can pull the Helix out by its curlicue – that helps the blockage ease up, and get out of my system. I come again, just from clenching hard to make sure I’m finished. I put the toy in the sink to clean up later, and I have to jack off by hand to get a traditional orgasm and stop the cycle.

I can remember being half-awake three more times over the night, maybe a fourth, and coming about a dozen times each, before I fell back asleep. I think the total for last night was something like 70 or 80.

It’s been an hour and a half since I finally showered, cleaned off the Helix, got high again, and started to get the laundry and the dishes going on their own. Since sitting down to write this I’ve come three times, hands free, Helix in, just sitting naked in my PC chair. I’m getting used to how it feels to need to stop for a second and let the contractions make their course.

This is the best year I have ever had.



  1. I’ve had to stop typing and adjust the Helix in my ass about once every hour – I can’t stop this, I don’t want to. I’ve been shaking in my chair for minutes, I slip up with typing and that tingling spreads from my arms into my chest and down into my abs and ass, and sets me off again. I’ve been crying since I woke up at 8. I came twice while typing this, it’s been five minutes. 6:08 pm. This is seriously the greatest thing I have ever felt. I had a better way of saying that but I had to work one word at a time. I have no fucking idea how much of this trip is from the pot and how much is from my prostate. I feel like I just met God. 6:19. I love how verbose I’ve become. 😀

  2. Most of what I try with my toys comes from old posts on the Aneros forums, how to lie in bed, how to move or when not to move, etc. "Traditional" orgasms to me are just ejaculating like usual, jacking off. What little I’ve read up about the prostate seems to say that direct, constant low-level stimulation without anything done to the genitals is some kind of shortcut. The theory is that a man suspended in the "rising plateau" phase of the sex response cycle, while his body will ride the toy into multiple "peaks" through involuntary contractions, will have multiple orgasms without any genital component. I’m fucking thrilled to say that part is absolutely true for me. I’d figured the only way to stop it was to jack off, to pull my prostate out of the loop and back into its traditional role, and that worked too.

  3. Insane, I have been using aneros for ½ year with very slow progress. At best I get really hard and it feels decently good, but it fades away quickly and after 1½ hours all sensation stop, been reading the big guide many times and done all kinds of things, contractions seem to be counterproductive rather than improve. You recommend sleeping with it? I am not really interested in drugs nor do I have any way to get it.

  4. I can’t even decide how to respond to that. 😀 This was simultaneously the absolute best and the most ungodly awkward thing that I’ve ever, *ever* been through. Trying to describe it is a little bit depressing, honestly, because words only mean what people think they mean, and how do I know you’ll understand if I try, and …guh. Point is, I love this thing.

  5. Try a different Aneros model. The one you have probably isn’t quite the right shape to settle against your prostate just so. My favorites and the easiest to reach my prostate with are the Helix Syn and the Progasm. I’ve had good luck (which is *luck*, so, caveat) with a routine of shit, shower, shave ass, lube up, insert, go to bed. I wear tight underwear to keep the toy from slipping out, and to heighten a sense of my cock and balls being gently constricted or trapped – that works better for me than trying to play naked, and getting distracted by too much sensation while trying to concentrate on the subtle work the Aneros is doing in me. I’d actually come close to a super-O several times from this routine, and I’d tried to sleep in the positions that felt best to me, but this entire experience came about through luck. If I hadn’t turned over asleep in just that way, if everything hadn’t settled inside at just that angle… As for using an Aneros while not sober – cannabis works a hell of a lot better for me than alcohol, as far as something that helps me once in a while to enjoy experiences the way I like to; sensations or emotions that may be unavailable to me while I’m sober, etc. I don’t know if that makes any sense, sorry. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to be high or not while playing around 😀

  6. Thanks for the reply, it so happens that I have the Helix Syn as well and I am your average not fat 5’10 guy, but I have been thinking of getting another one.

  7. I’d sleep with my Aneros in, but I’m afraid of damaging something. I’ve read about someone getting nerve damage after sleepong with the Aneros. I got what felt like the beginnings of an orgasm like you described, like the first 10% of it, so I know it’s possible. It’s the most amazing feeling, like I just melt into the orgasm, become one with it, I breath pleasure. First time it happened I immediately bought another model. It happened only 3 times in 2 years though, I hope it will happen more often.

  8. " I have to jack off by hand to get a traditional orgasm and stop the cycle. " Hey, im not the only one!

  9. Tried to sleep with my aneros Helix Syn last night and it didn’t go so well, felt better than usual in the beginning but it all disappeared after an hour, after four hours of not being able to fall asleep (it didn’t hurt or anything, I just couldn’t fall asleep with it, I have a difficult time falling asleep in general because of overactive brain) I pulled it out only to not be able to fall asleep anyway so I decided to get breakfast, now it’s 9AM and I am very tired, but it’s too late/early to go to bed now and mess up my sleep schedule.

  10. Haha amazing! And disgusting. But mostly amazing. I’ve had 75-100+ orgasm sessions before. And all I can say is four letters. O.U.C.H. Sore is an understatement! I completely sympathize. In fact, I can do all of this without my Aneros now. And once you learn to do it without the Aneros, you can’t take it out to stop. And sometimes, having sex doesn’t even stop it. I’ve lost many hours of sleep due to uncontrollable waves of pleasure (last night, for example, with nothing inserted, STARTING at 1AM, and I actually meant to fall asleep haha!). I too know exactly what you are talking about when you say how emotional, loving, one with the universe you feel when going through something like that. The endorphins just build and build during the long sessions to the point where you are literally high on endorphins. It’s incredibly cathartic.

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