I am a 51 year old married man who is impotent [erectile dysfunction]. Erections began to fail about ten years ago but intercourse with my wife was possible. Mornings helped, as did strong coffee and the right kind of stimulation. But at the same time her libido plummeted so there was little motivation to work to get erect. In the words of my urologist, when erectile function starts to flounder, working it helps to keep it from getting too much worse.

About three years ago my wife's libido came back gangbusters. By then my erectile function was pretty much toast. I tried Viagra, Cialis. They worked, well sort of. These gave me partial erections and headaches. The problem with the partial erections is that it was not enough for penetration.

Sometimes acceptance is a good thing. I have come to accept that I am impotent and there are other ways to pleasure and be pleasured.

When my impotence was first noticeable I saw my family doctor who referred me to a urologist. The urologist performed prostate massage, or that is what he called it when I asked, what are you doing to me! I then googled the subject, found out about the Aneros, and ordered an early model. I think it was actually through High Island Health.

I enjoyed that Aneros – in fact I still have it and I use it from time to time for all day stimulation as it is rather small. I took the rear tab off of it, sanding the stub smooth. That made it very comfortable for all day use, although perhaps not as effective in some ways.

About 4 or 5 years ago I ordered a Progasm and that is what I use most of the time.

As an impotent man, an Aneros provides me with stimulation, pleasure and release. My urologist says my prostate is very healthy – with unusually strong muscles surrounding it. He knows about me using the Aneros.