urologist's visit

My old urologist moved away from the little city to the big city. New urologist is a she. She has an idea on how to treat my impotence. The idea involves three things – encouraging blood flow – with a small daily dose of Cialis, increasing pressure / desire by refraining from ejaculation and using a new drug that shows promise in terms of nerve ending re-growth. I am warned it will be slow. A good sign would be semi-erect and increased flaccid size.

I asked about aneros and she said nothing wrong so long as its not pushed – e.g. take a break at any sign of discomfort. Specific to my situation, no ejaculations. Wet dreams are ok since I have no control.

I told her about my recent almost wet dream and being semi-erect and she said that is a very good sign.

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/urologists-visit/