Could anyone take a couple of measures from an Aneros Helix for me?

I know it's kind of a weird thing to ask, but let's just say I have less privacy than I'd like most of the time, which means that if I get one of these I'd do well in hiding it properly.

To that end I've decided I'm going to carve a book, nobody uses dictionaries anymore anyway, internet is easier.

The problem is that from here:

I only get these 4 measures

Tip Width: 1 1/16 inches

Mid-Ridge Width: 15/16 inches

Stem to Perineum Distance: 1 3/4 inches

Insertable Length: 4 inches

So if anyone took a moment to measure the distances in green and orange from this image:

That would be of great help.



  1. Orange: 9-10 centimeter green: something like 5 centimeter you can do the inch conversion yourself since you probably understand it better.

  2. I’m actually european and used to the metric system, it’s only that the measures in the webpage came in inches hahahah, many thanks.

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