Touched for the very first time

I decided to start a blog here so i could someday look back on my experience and also to share with the aneros community how it goes for me. I'm Brazilian so my english won't always be what it might need to be, so i ask for your patience on it.
I'm a 31 years old, straight, married guy.
I bought recently my first Aneros which was a Helyx Syn, and had my first session with it last tuesday.
The forum is very helpful and i understood i shouldn't have expectation as result might take time.
The Helyx Syn is very smooth. i was surprised how bendy the P-tab is. I heard the P-tab could be painful, and i doubt that it is the case with the Helix Syn. Also thought it was smaller than the pictures.
I don't like the whole idea of an enema, and i didn't do one. I won't Wax, won't enema….
I was somewhat aroused by the new experience that i was about to undergo but not highly aroused.
I used water based lube and the aplicator, and lubed the helyx too
I was impressed on how easy insertion was. It wasnt disconforting even though i don't have experience in the anal departament. About half way through insertion it was sucked in by my ass unintentionally. It was like it said "Give me that!!" and i was like "what the fuck?!?"
It wasn´t disconforting with it in me
I tried to breath throught my belly and relax as much as i could but sometimes when i thought my esfincter was relaxed it was really not, it kept coming back to a somewhat tense mode.
The aneros kept poking me inside, sort of like ringing a bell constantly, especially when i relaxed more the esfincter. That didn´t feel neither good nor bad. The orgasm did not feel like answering the door. But i was impressed it did that inside me, as i thoght nothing would happen, i thought it would just sit inside me, i thought to myself "That shit is alive for sure"
Tried some positions and it seemed to move more when i'm on my stomach
I was hard about two times which was dificult lying on my stomach, made a disconfort pressure. It moved faster inside me when i was hard.
There was a moment i thought i was gonna shit myself. Thank god it was not the case.
I tried some light contractions, that did nothing for me that time.
At some point, my ass started to throb a little, quick ones. It was a nice small feeling. Like i get when i stop myself so i won't cum when i'm just on the edge to, or the one when i´m having a dry speel and in need for sex )i don't know if that is common or not(
I thought i did not have any pre-cum, but found evidence otherwise. But it was not much at all.
It was an overwall surprising experience, but i would't call it good. I was happy with it. I wanted to stay with it more time but it was past 1 hour of session and i was a good student. The Wiki said don't overdo it, 1 hour in the begging tops, and i did not want to have bad consequences as i was just starting with that, so i called it quit. Afterwards I did not feel like finishing it off the usual way.
As i did not do an enema it came out dirty, and no matter how much i cleaned it, it stayed with a bad smell. I won't do enemas anyway.
The next day i got a feeling. You know when you are on the see for a while and you come out and you still feel the waves are moving even though you are not in the see anymore? I got kind of a feeling the aneros was moving there. My ass was hangover, it was neither good or bad. I wasn't hurt there either.I did want to have a session that day but thought it would be wise to take it easy, especially with whatever the hell was happening there.
That night i woke up to a feeling of pleasure going from my ass to my balls going through my perinium, when i contracted,)it scared me( it went away. That happened sooo fast that i am not even sure that it happened. did it happened, was it a dream… i'll never know.

So that was it, I'll try to keep this updated as i go.