I was skeptical, but wow

Last summer I was buying a few toys on amazon and needed an extra toy to get free shipping. I heard about aneros and came to this subreddit, when I saw the reviews of it I was so excited to give it a try! It came in the mail with a few other toys, and I got more into those than the aneros, it didn't seem to hit my prostate very well, it was a bit bi to just slip in without some preparation, and I couldn't focus or get into the mindset very well. However, tonight I had been watching porn for an hour and hadn't touched my dick at all yet, so I figured now was the best opportunity to give the aneros another try. I'm so glad I did! The other times I had tried it I had to finger myself a bit to get it to fit, and then when it did go in well it didn't give me much sensation even after an hour of trying. Tonight though, it slipped right in (I've taken some bigger toys by now) and immediately was pressing right against my g-spot, it felt incredible, and within 10 minutes I was on my bed bucking and clenching my ass right around the aneros, leaking precum and having an incredibly hard anal orgasm. I went on that way for about 20 minutes, tried to get up and couldn't feel my legs. I feel so satisfied now, and I can't decide if I should go to bed or keep on with it to see how much longer I can keep the orgasms going 🙂 Anyways, thanks aneros! I'm sorry I ever doubted you! This just goes to show some skeptical people who have bought theirs that if you go into it in the right mindset without grand expectations, it may help you stimulate yourself way more

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  1. So… Did the prostate-side of the rectum got really engorged and hard? Could you assess that by using the aneros? Yesterday I had my first prostate orgasm and it was like nothing else I’ve ever experienced and because of that, I really want to know what it’s like for other people cuz my body did some crazy stuff!! Aside from all the ass muscles becoming ridiculously contracted, that front-wall became super huge and really hard. I used my fingers so I could feel it really well and now I’m just curious if everybody’s body does this when they prostate orgasm. Congratulations on your awesome experience!! I was skeptical, too, until yesterday.

  2. Yeah, my prostate definitely grew, and I think that’s why it was getting more and more stimulated as I went on 🙂 I didn’t feel it with my fingers, but it was definitely bigger, harder, and more sensitive, so I think that’s fairly normal when it’s getting stimulated like that. Thanks! I did more afterwards, and I’ll be doing more tonight lol

  3. Okay, thanks. It’s relieving to hear at least one other person say that it’s normal for that to happen. Cool. Lol, have fun!

  4. I’ve had my fingers in a bunch of guy’s butts, and it’s definitely normal! It just means you’re exercising the area well and it’s being enjoyed.

  5. It doesn’t happen for me every time, but I’ve had the orgasms go on for hours before. And then do it the next day with nothing inserted at all. It’s crazy! Congrats on making progress. Now see how many different sensations you can discover!

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