Excessive shaking?

Just bought an anero and should be trying it out sometime next week. I've seen tons of videos which sold me on it, with guys shaking excessively during an orgasm.

Is that what really happens, and is it really uncontrollable. I feel like I'm either having my doubts this will actually work, or I'll have the exact opposite problem where it works too well. I live in a house at college with my roommates a few doors down, the beds aren't that great of quality and if I just start shaking rapidly I'm sure they're going to think "ARE YOU HAVING A SEIZURE?".

Anal play is nothing new to me, I've been a bottom before and I've used other toys on occasion. However, I would say I am more sensitive I guess than most people.

TLDR Does excessive shaking really happen?

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  1. I too would like some input from someone who has experienced this. It seems very intense in some of the videos and I’m curious about the amount of control you have when shaking like this. Is it like a ride you can’t get off once it starts or are there "brakes" you can use if it becomes uncomfortable. I also am in college and have roommates and I’m not sure about the how discreet I could be if I can’t gain control.

  2. Excessive shaking absolutely happens and dear god I love it. I am able to contain my tremors (barely) for a minute but that only amplifies the pleasure which then just gives me more tremors. You will begin to shutter while breathing which also gives much more pleasure and tremors. I’ve never been worried about noise from my tremors. I’m able to spontaneously generate enough full body pleasure from my prostate outside of sessions that I have had tremors while sitting in class trying to pay attention. Nobody had any idea.

  3. The shaking only happens once you are in the throes of the feedback. It’s not impossible to stop, but when it happens things are going to be feeling reeeeeaaaally good, and you’re gonna want to keep it going….

  4. Dear god, yes. When you get to the place where your whole body feels like its alive with electricity, spasming and shaking and tremors and involuntary bed-fucking and all sorts of madness happens.

  5. Yes. I’m usually quiet and don’t shake. With anal play its’ a different story. There is absolutely no way I can do anal play while someone else is in the apartment. I shake and I can’t control it. I bend, I contort. I’m also very loud. Moans, grunts and very occasionally screams. All uncontrollable yet amazing.

  6. Thanks for the answers everyone, looks like its a yes. Guess I’ll wait and see this week, somewhat excited but it just sounds way too good to be true.

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