Realized that 3 years have come and gone without me logging any events. Time flies. For the first couple of months aneros really didnt do much for me and but kept remembering what I had read in the aneros blogs and discussions so I pushed forward. As most folks the water based lubes were not good for me and took over a year for me to make the change to silcone lubes and now coconut oil. I had a reaction that created digestive problems and flared up gaseous problems to point I thought I was having a heart attack and had difficulty breathing. The doc said I had acid refllex, but after several visits and different types of acid meds it was something else- took trial and error on my behalf to figure it out. So now after using coconut oil it seems better. My aneros days I thought were over.
Now after three years I'm starting to actually have a better feel of the aneros and think I have a better understanding on what I should be concentrating on and when to stop. Starting to have better sessions now. In the past I focused to much on trying to get sexually excited vs paying attention to what the aneros was doing. I also listen to trance music (electronica) while on my knees and butt up in the air so it better hits the prostate and to totally relax and let the aneros do it's thing. I usually stick my helix in the freezer for a few minutes and the apply the coconut oil so the oil stays in place during the session. I also now take t- booster supplements daily and drink with pur-erh tea with maca and ginseng. I'm 56 years old and the sexual drive needs a boost.