Causing weird problems for me

Hello all,

I have the progasm model and a day ago I had a long session ~5 hours. Last night as I was trying to sleep I could feel my muscles clenching and twitching, i wrote it off as a nice pleasurable feeling. This morning I work up by a forceful jerk in my leg not pleasurable just a spasm and all day I have been feeling the twitching muscles, from my anus to my calf, all the way to my biceps.

While the session was nice I fear that this sort of reaction hinders my ability to live my actual life. Has anyone had this problem, if so how long did it last and is there a way to stop it quickly. I have no intention of using the aneros again until this sensation stops. Its like I just had 15 cups of coffee and I feel like I need to stretch but its never satisfied.



  1. Forceful jerk in leg = Charlie Horse. (Get up and stand on that leg and it will help alleviate it if you ever get that again when waking up!). That’s not caused by sex toys, just overstretching your leg muscles and changes in exercise habits. You might just be out of shape. Try stretching more before and after. Nothing extreme, just a little soft yoga like in the guides.

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