Pleasure Continued

I hadn’t made love to J in 10 days, our schedules had been crazy and we had both been under the weather. Intensely aroused as I was after almost two weeks of MMO with no release, I was desperate for sexual connection. In the past my arousal would have translated to a need for fucking. In my rewired state my sexual response has become more complex and patient. Now I get equal pleasure of experiencing another person’s pleasure vicariously. Sometimes it is the orgasmic contortions of a man culminating in his shuddering ejaculation and other times it is J writhing and quivering in orgasmic rapture. That night I longed for sexually intimate connection with her.

Cunnilingus is by far my favorite way to coax her into cascading orgasmic ecstasy. I enjoy giving her head more than any other sexual activity we engage in. Giving J oral pleasure gets my cock stone hard and makes me drip a stream. So it wasn’t a surprise that that was the connection that we made that night.

After perfunctory after dinner activities, washing dishes we both happily abandoned the mundane routine activities of the day. I am not a big fan of winter snow but I put up with it in my daily routine, accepting its inconvenience and the extra time it adds to getting from place to place and getting out in the morning. But in the evening when the quiet softness of snow and the deep chill of February blanket the village and our house, they impart a sensual quietude to the air and my mood.

So as we shut the lights in the kitchen / den and climbed the stairs to our bedroom I felt like I was climbing my arousal to reach a blissfully sensual place, our bed. Sloughing off our clothes and laying on the erotic stage of our bed, we enthusiastically embraced as we began our erotic performance. Her skin felt so warmly sexual as I embraced her as we lay down together.

After several minutes of passionate kissing my cock was rigid and wet with the lust that was dribbling from my cock slit. I began to drift down, sucking on her nipple and kissing her belly as I made my way towards her vulva. She in turn sensed where I was going and tried to divert me with her hand. She loves oral sex and the serene build up to trembling ecstasy that it provides but she is conflicted. She has always been self conscious when I kiss, suck and tongue her weeping pink flower, but she loves the ecstatic results of my lingual ministration. She tried in vain to divert me, and encourage me to penetrate her with my obviously ready penis, but I would not have any of it. My mind was set and my cock was hard, they were in steadfast agreement. I raised my lips from her belly button and parted her legs. She hesitatingly acquiesced, and parted them slightly. I knew that she had her mind set on making love but secretly she desired the vulgar intimacy of an orally induced orgasm. I derive sublime satisfaction seeing her twist in anguished pleasure as a pussy twisting climax floods her convulsing vaginal lips. I knew that the best way to coax her r sweet flower to ooze its dewy ecstasy was a massage of her inner thighs, tummy, and vulva with my tongue. When I reached her vulva, I parted her inflamed lips and I gave her glistening erected clit a light kiss; she shuddered in response. The warm sweetness of her pussy mouth on my lips girded my erection. The sweet musky scent of her arousal rose to drift in my nostrils and make my cock drip pre cum in large fat drops.

As I stroked and kissed the tender folds between her parted lips with the rigid tip of my tongue it electrified her pussy; I had a very erotic view of the delicate opening of her sex. She has a light covering of downy hair on her Mons but the skin around her flushed pink opening bare and damp with sticky lust. Seeing her pink feminine nether lips protruding from the light brown fluff, took my breath away. Her pussy lips looked like a work of art to me; they are the essence of femininity. Seeing her sensual vaginal lips, slightly gapping open and glistening with her desire, got me harder than stone and made long strings of precum hang from my cock head in tense anticipation.

After ten or fifteen minutes of gently kissing and licking her weeping sex its folds opened for me like a sunflower basking in the warm rays of the sun. Without being urged she now unashamedly parted her legs wider, without words offering the gift of her arousal to me, silently asking me to give her pleasure and make her cum.

Assertively she then guided my mouth to the molten core of her sexuality, her sodden pussy lips surrounding the erected pearl that will grant her agonizing pleasure. In vulgar abandon she urged me to sip the nectar of her desire from her fur brimmed flesh cup. I kissed her yawning flower with great delicacy; its silken petals were indeed like the most ethereal petals of a flower. A heady exotic flower whose petals drip with sweet nectar and the pungent scent of feminine arousal; they are warm, sticky and vibrant hot pink. I kiss the folds exquisitely softly. I tease and touch the throat of her flower like I am a hummingbird fluttering in the scent of a delicate blossom. With extreme delicately I extract the sweet liquid reward that drools from deep inside of her.

I lay on my side and laid my head on her inner thigh and began to make love to her rigid clit with my lips and tongue. The more I kiss and suckle it the more nectar flows from her sweet canal. Soon my lips and mouth were covered with her sticky lust. I continued to passionately kiss her warm wet lips and opening alternating nibbling and suckling her clit. “French kissing” the mouth of her vagina repeatedly, I probed and penetrated it with my tongue to collect the thick honey that drooled from her petals. Furtively I drank the tangy essence from her yawning femininity It was sweet and tart like lemons, but it had a musky sweetness that was intoxicating. As I got lost in the complex taste and smell of her unfolding passion, time and space disappeared. The walls of her inhibition crumbled as she craved the pleasure that was now burning like a blast furnace deep in the core of her womanly passion.

As I explored and suckled the silken folds of her womanhood she was transformed from my demure lady and wife to a wanton slut who craved vulgar pleasure and my committed love in equal measure. But at that moment she needed the ecstatic anguish of orgasmic release. My relentless exploration was causing resonating bliss to spread in her pelvis. The exquisite sensation of orgasm was starting to collect inside of her cunt, winding taut like a steel spring. She felt the pleasure building and she squirmed and gasped as it relentlessly crept into her trembling pussy inch by anguished inch.

Soon her hands were on the back of my head pressing my mouth against her sex as she began to grind her pearl on my tongue . She began to hump my mouth rubbing her aching sex on my face. I knew that the longer I made her wait for a climax, the deeper, hard and intense the orgasm would be … so I continued to tease her by kissing and fondling your opening with my tongue, avoiding the quivering button that would grant her the deep pleasure she sought. I suckled onto her clit and minimized the effect of her humping by grasping her soft ass cheeks with both of my hands and holding my mouth firmly against her soft wet vaginal opening and moved with her rising and falling pelvic thrusts. I lay there suckling her pussy mouth as she lay on her back, twerking against my mouth. I was riding your rising and falling pelvis as the liquid of her lust was running from her, I licked it up and swallowed it as quickly as it came.

The divine sensation was no longer creeping into her, it was now a torrent that was flooding her aching pussy. She could feel it swelling in her; just as she thought her quivering pussy couldn’t contain any more pleasure it did; wave after wave of delightful sensation crammed into her gaping vagina, and another, and another and another. Her opening was sodden dripping its passion and quivering like a desperately frightened animal; she could hardly breathe as the pleasure that was filling her canal was taking control of her body and mind. It was as if the orgasm was rooting in the wet soft skin deep inside her vagina and robbing her of reason and rational thought. Its greedy tentacles were sinking deep into aching flesh of her swollen womanhood and spreading as the orgasm that was imminent prepared to suck her very soul from her convulsing sex.

I could hear her breathing getting very coarse and irregular; it was hard for he to maintain her lady like composure. She began to mumble filthy confessions under her breath, revealing her darkest fantasies to me a in a lewd soliloquy of lust induced insanity. I couldn’t really make out what she was saying. The orgasmic tension had filled her pussy and had hardened inside her. Her soft sweet feminine vagina had been transformed into a wound steel sex machine whose sole function was thunderous climax, and it was twitching in anticipation of a desperately needed climax. I knew it was time to push her over the edge of the orgasmic abyss into the warm sensual embrace of a serenely lurid abyss I shifted my lips up to her clit, and sucked it into my mouth locking my lips around its base so it was fully trapped by my lips. It was aching with pleasure fully exposed from under its hood.

Holding her hardened girl nub, I began to suck hard on it flicking the underside of it with my tongue and sucking the aching rigid nub rhythmically like a milking machine sucks on a cows udder. I nursed on her clit driving her insane with excruciating pleasure.

Mumbling incoherently her entire body began to tremble as the sweet agony of release was imminent. She gasped and bore down clenching her pussy as she shuddered in the desperate milliseconds before the elegant torture of erotic rapture thrust her into paroxysms of white hot orgasm. In less than a minute of my sucking on it I released it with a pop, she gasped and squirmed as I sucked it back in and resumed my pleasurable torture. I then ran my tongue along the sides of her vaginal opening pressing hard against the sides to stimulate the legs of her clit, working my tongue back up to the underside of her rock hard pearl. This made her stop her thrusting and lay there stock still as the rising tide of pleasure filled your head and took control of her body.

I took my head off of your thigh and kneeled on the bed between her knees, raising her legs, exposing her asshole and vagina; I then opened her imminently orgasmic gaping wide lady lips wider than they already were and began to softly tell her exactly what I was going to do to her. The filthy narrative fed her already impassioned desire and made her close her eyes and focus on the flood of sensations that were tightening inside her.

I told her that I was going to watch her squirm in divine agony as the orgasm ripped her soul from her body and robbed her of any lady like decorum that was left in her. I told her I as going to watch her penis stuffed pussy mouth gag on the stream of my thick semen as I pumped it deep into her. My lewd prose, caused a stream of her cum to wet the sheets beneath her. I then opened her vagina and lowered my rock hard cock to the raw – wet heat of her pussy and lodged my cockhead in the wet heat of her folds letting them drape around the throbbing head of my manhood. I pressed my bulbous cockhead gently into her opening as she inhaled sharply. As I pushed harder I slipped past the cloying grip of her pussy mouth and slid elegantly and smoothly into the sensual softness inside her. The warm wet sheath of her vagina caressed my invading cock and sucked it further in encouraging the penetration so she could grip it when orgasm arrived.

My persistent invasion of her tingling opening caused waves of preorgasmic pleasure to ripple deep into her vaginal canal. Her anus began to convulse as she opened her eyes and stared into mine in a combination of muted anguish, divine ecstasy and confused wonder. She began to jerkily hump my cock and squeeze it as breathe in stolen gasps.

After two or three minutes of being speared by my erotic spike she couldn’t bear any more. She grasped my ass cheeks pushed my cock as deep into her vagina as it would go and held it there; she then groaned as waves of orgasmic convulsions rhythmically contracted the walls of her vagina squeezing my cock as cascading rapture oozed around my rigid shaft. I felt the pulsing milking deep inside of her tugging on my cock as her body shuddered.

I felt the faint tingle of my own orgasm deep in my anus. As her orgasm sucked and milked my cock head I felt my own liquid crisis slowly being drawn from deep inside me. Her sodden canal sucking on my big hard penis was more than I could bear.

As her pussy spasmed and sucked on my cock she gripped my ass cheeks with fierce desperation and forced the base of my cock against her pubic bone. My asshole began to twitch then convulse as it contracted in a syncopated time to the squeezing in her pussy. The orgasm was exploding inside of me as she grunted and thrust her pelvis forward against my cock vulgarly trying to force me to expel my cum deep into her to slake the sexy thirtst that consumed her.

She pressed her cunt desperately against me even harder and squeezed my ass hard as she could. My cock was so deep inside her my cock slit and her cervix kissed. Her guttural grunt turned into a groan as I stiffened and arched my back and pissed the thick hot stream of cum against it. Held in her clutches all I could was empty into her in the sweet agony of release as she hungrily pressed against me and seemed to suck the cum from me. She held my pelvis against her leaving me no option but to inject my hot male essence deep into her. She held me immobile, my cock deep in her pussy as she gasped and shuddered with the last spasms of her orgasm. The warm sweet cocktail of our combined cum was flowing out of her juicy speared peach.

As her last contractions twitched on my cock I sensed that she was starting to come down. I wondered if I could coax her into a second orgasm. I removed my softening cock from her still convulsing pussy and let her desensitize a little.

After a minutes or two I slid two fingers into her sloppy pussy and began to firmly caress and massage her swollen g spot. In response to the pressure of my fingers on the glowing coal of desire in her pussy, she hummed her acquiescence, arched her back, closed her eyes, inhaled and mumbled . . . . “You are going to make me fucking cum again my sexy man. Oh my …. and her voice trailed off as serene pleasure took control of her thoughts.

I bent over and took her semi erect clit in my mouth again. It tasted of the exotic heady cocktail of our mingled cum. She gasped a last gulp of air as my suckling tongue coaxed the second orgasm to grip the tender flesh of her femininity. The mind numbing rapture squeezed such bliss from her pussy that I thought she might faint. She arched her back, stiffened, gasped and uttered a string of mumbled curses as she fucked my fingers, humping them wildly as she ground her clit against my mouth. I withdrew the hood of her quivering clit again and latched back on to it. The contact of my demanding mouth on the sensitive bud stiffened her into a shuddering orgasmic board.

The waves were washing back and forth through her. The pleasure was so profound she could barely maintain awareness. I sucked and pulled on her clit, rubbing my tongue against the underside of it as the mouth of her vagina fluttered and pulsed with each ecstatic contraction. She acknowledged each spasm with a repeated exclamation of: “oh my god, oh my god, oh my god” and then squealed and shuddered as the final hard pulse of the second orgasm wrenched the last ounce of bliss it could find in her vagina and pulled it from her in sweet agony. She lay immobile, splayed on the bed as a rivulet of sex fluids oozed from her pussy. If it was the the life force was oozing from a wounded animal.

I raised my head and watched the unbelievably erotic sight of my beautiful girl nude and limp, lost in the hazy mist following a hard climax with my cum oozing from her well fucked pussy.