Eating My Own Cum

The moments after an intense MMO session leave me with a slimy cock and aching with arousal. After several days of MMO and no ejaculation I can be almost insane with erotic desperation. The intimate sexual liaisons I have when I am in these intense states of arousal are perhaps the most torrid and the most sensually beguiling erotic experiences I have.

This morning after three days of hard MMO my body was exhausted from 3 nights of minimal sleep but my arousal was roaring like an inferno. It was 5 am when I finished my third session in three days; it is 9 am and I am here at my desk writing this.

In the moments after the spasms stopped, slowly my cock started to stiffen and lengthen as arousal replaced the exquisite agony of MMO. In a few minutes my cock was stone hard and my anus was tingling and quivering. An orgasmic knot had developed deep in my asshole from the extended MMO session I had just finished. My prostate was erect and buzzing; the MMO had packed it with my hot cum and raging desire in equal measure. The glow of arousal was making my prostate twitch in anticipation of a copious release of its steaming contents. I was so fatigued I could have fallen asleep if I had closed my eyes and suppressed my arousal. But I love the erotic tension of arousal, and the sensuality of the moment laying there with J next to me, snuggled to my side so I remained awake. I savored the warm eroticism of the moment as my cock and anus reminded me of the arousal that simmered within me.

J has been post menopausal for fifteen years, she is however still a very sexual woman. She takes more time to “warm up” now than she once did but once she gets going she is a sex machine. At times she is indifferent about sex but at other times she is attracted to erotic intimacy like a Tigress confronted with raw meat. Fortunately for both of us we are a good sexual match, as I am a very sexually patient guy who doesn’t really care much about my own orgasm as long as I can MMO. Also, she has become very adept in the last two years at coaxing me to MMO; her encouragement and touch is extremely arousing when I am on the brink of anal pleasure. Some times after a couple of MMO sessions over few days and a close intimate interchange between us, she is very happy to fuck. Sometimes she orgasms but sometimes she doesn’t, she is happy to have the gratifying feeling of sucking the cum from my balls, filling her pussy as we embrace and kiss. Other times she craves orgasm like a depraved nymphomaniac.

In the 20 minutes after my last spasm, she awoke and began to run her fingers through my chest hair. As we lay there she began to kiss my neck; her random stroking of my chest hair turned into teasing my nipples as she kissed me. Her feminine fingers danced on my nipples alternating her tantalizing attention from one nipple to the other as she kissed me. I have enjoyed the passive role these last few years. My rewiring has refocused me after years of being the pleasure provider to enjoying being the pleasure receiver, it has also hyper sensitized my nipples. As she flicked my hardened teats and pinched them, she made my cock lurch with each pinch of her sexy fingers on the brownish pebble like flesh. Slowly she worked her kisses down to my collarbone, sliding down in the bed as she did. She ended up at my right nipple engulfing it in her warm sucking mouth. A ripple of ecstasy rolled through me as I felt the heat of her mouth surround my areola as her warm tongue stroked the nub, flicking it as she sucked my arousal from it in a warm wave of pleasure.

She knows how much I love to have her suck my nipples. She also knows that if she does it long enough and passionately enough she will make me cum hands free. She has done it many times, sucking my nipples and tweaking and pinching them with her hands until my cock begins to dance. If she continues the bliss of her nipple sucking makes my cockhead swell and my shaft lurch as I pump thick streams of cum all over the bed like a loose fire hose. But at that moment she stopped short of that and settled to tease me until my cock was throbbing and steel hard as it drooled a string of clear warm precum onto my belly.

My chest was heaving and my cock was bobbing up and down in time to my heart beat as she hoisted her leg over my thigh and straddled me. I prepared myself for what I thought was to be a slow and satisfying penetration of her hot sodden pussy. My cock drooled as I thought of the divine sensation of her vagina engulfing my cock, swallowing it and drinking the stream of my liquid passion. I imagined her pussy caressing my penis lovingly, her pussy mouth languidly sucking on it and savoring it. The arousal in me flared as I thought of my cockhead sliding into the core of her sexuality to touch her deeply where no one has touched her but me.

Instead however she crept towards the head of the bed on her hands and knees, her pussy passed my cock on its trip towards the head of the bed and she kept creeping. I knew what was coming and the thought of it steeled my cock and made it even harder than it was.

She reached for the top of the headboard with both of her hands and grasped it like a seasoned motorcycle rider grasps handlebars, and she kept creeping forward until her knees were in my armpits and her down covered cleft was inches from my face. I could clearly see her pussy mouth was glistening and dilated with desire. Her parted inner folds exposed the dark pink entrance to heaven on earth. Her pussy mouth was dewy with her arousal as it exuded the warm thick honey onto her tender folds. Her pussy is a tattletale; in its reddened dripping state it told me just how aroused she was.

She is such a complex and subtle lady. She was so turned on that she really really wanted me to get her off orally. However she would never ask me for oral sex and she would never force herself on me. Instead she usually does just what she was doing at that moment, making it obvious to me that she wanted me to make love to her with my tongue by making it available and maintaining her lady like demeanor. She brought her aroused drooling vagina to inches from my face and tongue and silently asked me to take it and bring it the last few inches to euphoria.

So in an interchange that we have done so many times before I raised my hand to her supple ass cheeks and cupped them in my palms, urging her further up towards my mouth until her pussy was inches from my lips. She then reached down and bunched the pillows under my head to raise my mouth to millimeters from her vulva. I could feel the warmth of her aroused opening on my lips and I could feel her light fluffy hair tickle my chin. The heady scent of her aroused vagina filled my nostrils and made my prostate almost burst with desire. It was an alluring scent, it is vulgar yet sweet and musky and incredibly sexy. I love it.
Using both of my hands to gently caress the soft cheeks of her derriere I guided her the last inches or so to let me kiss her opening repeatedly. I savored the hot wet silkiness of her pussy opening as it clung to my lips. I kissed it tenderly relishing its alluring femininity.

As my kisses made the sweet honey ooze from her cleft I sought its source and inserted the pointed tip of my tongue into her sexy opening. Extending my tongue into the warmth of her vagina I licked the thick sweet juice from the inflamed pink walls, stroking them as I stole her nectar. The sensation of my intruding tongue sent chills of desire up her spine; she arched her back and pushed her vulva against my chin forcing my tongue a little deeper into her cunt.

I slid my right hand into her butt crack and sought out her hot puckered hole with my middle finger. As I touched her anus it recoiled in a pleasurable reflex; her anus is very sensitive and is not typically part of our sex play. However when she is really turned on her asshole or anything else on her that is normally the subject of embarrassment or shame is fair game for exploitation if it brings her pleasure. She was really turned on. Just by the virtue of requesting oral sex I knew that she was really aroused and really needed and wanted to cum.

So as I placed the tip of my middle finger over the opening of her anus and massaged it gently, I raised my mouth a couple of inches to wrap my lips around her clitoral hood. Sucking on her pearl I extracted it from its hiding place. Once exposed I stroked the underside of her glans with my tongue, massaging, stroking and suckling her clit just as a mother cats licks and cleans her kitten. And like a kitten her aroused clit hardened further in its arousal and stretched out to revel in the warm soft attention that was stroking it. I sucked it and stroked it as if I was sucking milk from a teat. But as I pressed and massaged the underside of her pebble hard pearl with my tongue I was not expressing milk I was extracting pleasure.

Synchronous to the licking massage I was giving her clitoris I began to tenderly penetrate the opening to her anus. She moaned at the vulgar pleasure that seemed to be holding her between two exquisitely arousing sensations. She was getting sucked to higher and higher level of pre orgasmic desire by my tongue but at the same time my probing finger was penetrating the soft sensitive flesh of her anal opening. She is not normally into anal pleasure so this new dimension to her arousal made my cock turn to iron. The dual pleasure was so intensely pleasurable, it was sweet torture. She moaned as she alternated between pushing back against my finger and pushing forward against my sucking lips and tongue.

I fully expected her to blow in an orgasm in my mouth any moment when to my surprise she raised her pelvis from my face and stood straddling me. She backed up to my hips and then lowered herself to sit on my cock. Grabbing the base of my rigid penis she directed it to her pussy opening as she put her full weight on it. She sat on my spike teasing it and taunting it; I could feel the sexual heat of her pussy mouth kissing my cockhead. That cockhead wanted nothing more that to sink into her; she hovered on top of it for what seemed like eternity.
My precum dripping cockhead engaged the drooling opening of her pussy mouth. There was no resistance when the full weight of her body finally came down on the few square inches of my cockhead. There was no place to go but inside her. So in one gulp her pussy mouth opened and swallowed my steaming flesh sword to the hilt.

Her sodden pussy walls sucked on my rigid spike and savored it like it was a sweet candy stick at the fair. When her pubic bone was against mine she began to rock back and forth grinding her clit against the bony base of my cock. She was feeding her arousal the raw meat it desired. Like a lioness feasting on a fresh kill she groaned and hummed as she swallowed the warm meat that she hungered for.
The air became thick with the pungent scent of sex.

As the scent of lust filled the air the passion filled her pussy. It coated my cock with her thick white honey and dribbled from her opening. With the scent of lust filled the air and the sensation of my long hard penis inside her stirring her arousal she lost any vestiges of propriety or modesty. My normal reserved ladylike wife was being dragged into the maw of sheer animal lust and with all the vulgar passion she could muster was seeking pure sexual gratification.

I couldn’t hold back anymore. I felt the seething boiling pool of cum inside of me demanding release. The hand of orgasm reached deep into my asshole and squeezed my agonized prostate and the surge of cum was set free. In several excruciatingly sweet convulsive pumping spasms a thick hot rope of my cum splashed into her pussy, then another hard pumping stream and then another until I was spent and empty. Her pussy mouth spit out my softening cock like it was used chewing gum. She had extracted all the sweetness from it. My creamy sugar was pooled in the pit of her steaming pussy.
She extricated my flaccid cum coated penis from her pussy letting it flop with a wet slap onto my belly as she stood up.

She then walked back to the head of the bed bent down and grasped the headboard again, lowering her cum filled pussy to my mouth. It was raw red and her hole was still open in the shape of my cock that only seconds earlier had filled it with my cream. Her opening and lips were coated with the lust thickened cocktail of her vaginal secretion combined with my still hot cum.

J has always been turned on having me eating my own cum, particularly from her pussy. Oftentimes after we have fucked and I have cum in her she will straddle me and feed me my own hot creamy cocktail from her pussy as she masturbates herself and describes the vulgar thing I am doing as she masturbates herself to orgasm.

Her pussy was dripping with a cocktail of my semen and her cunt juice. She lowered her pussy to my lips and in a low whisper told me “eat me baby, make me cum and eat yours”. I didn’t need instruction I latched onto her clit with my lips and twisted my arm around to get my fingers into her pussy.

So as I suckled her click and tugged on it a stroked the swelling knot in her pussy. She began to quiver and mumble filthy epithets as the orgasm tightened up inside her. She took her hands off the headboard and held my head to her pussy as she slowly began to thrust her pelvis and gently tug her clit which was locked in my mouth.

As she rhythmically swung her hips back and forth and humped my face the orgasm came closer and closer. As she approached the precipice her legs began to tremble and her pussy began to quiver. And then it exploded. She mewled as the orgasm flooded her pussy in a torrent. Like a massive cock the pleasure drove into her and made her trembling pussy drool our combined cum into my mouth and chin as her legs shook and her pussy spasmed.

She released my head and grasped the headboard again to steady herself as she was overcome by orgasmic euphoria. The orgasm played her pussy like it was an elegant instrument playing in a rapturous symphony.

When it was over, she collapsed onto the bed next to me, drained and spent. She is upstairs dozing and I came down here to write this while it was still fresh in my mind.