Intense A Less Session

The overwhelming winter weather we have had during February has necessitated a concentrated amount of snow shoveling in a relative short time span. The net result has been a “tender” lower back. Thankfully I am not immobilized but I have been dealing with the persistent ache of muscle strain in my lower back. For me, pain of any sort is most definitely a damper on my orgasmic agenda. Despite how horny I may be discomfort is a huge distraction for MMO pleasure. Consequently the last three weeks have been spotty for MMO sessions of any type; when I did have a session it was mediocre at best. Finally my back loosened up by the middle of last week and my libido was left unfettered to pursue whatever my anus and cock could dream up.

Last Friday night J and I celebrated the end of the week with a late night mutual masturbation session transitioning to 69 and culminating in mutual release. It was very erotic, one of our favorite ways to be intimate. I would say that we probably both prefer that to fucking, I can probably explain why but that is the stuff of another blog entry.
So when I went to bed Saturday night it was the night after a ball draining ejaculation. I have found that my sessions are exponentially more pleasurable if I do them within a day or so of a “clean out” climax. I also had been chatting on line with several guys over the week which left me highly aroused.

I woke up on Sunday morning at 4 AM with an erection that was rigid and wet in erotic desperation while my anus was throbbing in arousal. This was the longest I have gone without doing an MMO session …it was 5 days. It is funny how ejaculation and doing an MMO for me are mutually exclusive, even though I had cum very hard a day earlier I still was craving MMO.

A craving for MMO in me is a very serenely urgent erotic sensation. I feel the hunger in my anus and my penile bulb and cock root primarily. It is a desperation or emptiness with an underlying tension and ache; it is like a steel spring that is over tightened. I feel a heaviness in my perineum and the telltale throb of my prostate. I am usually oozing precum.

It was still dark at 4 AM, the house was quiet. The snow on the street softened the road noise of he occasional car that went by. It is a quiet little village. However the erotic cacophony in my pelvis, anus and cock filled belied the quiet outside; my head and told me that there was no hope of going back to sleep.

For some reason J has been sleeping in my oversized tee shirts. I love it when she does that as it is sexy as hell. They barely cover her bare derriere unlike a normal nightgown which goes to below her knees and doesn’t always make her derriere crease available to me in the night.

So as she lay there facing away from me, I laid on my right side and slid up behind her spooning her. With my left hand I reached around her and with my right I deftly guided my cockhead into her crack. She grabbed my left hand and pulled it over her shoulder as if I was a blanket and pushed her derriere backwards forcing my cock into the warmth between her cheeks.

My response was immediate. The warm caress of her cheeks caused my cockhead to tingle. The sparkling electricity of pre orgasmic arousal danced all over my cock head and taunted the pink lined wet opening at the tip. As the sensation of desperate pleasure danced around my oozing little pink slit a chill went up my spine. Then I felt the sweet sensation of arousal part my cock slit and enter my cock. I shuddered as erotic sensation traveled down the core of my cock. I could feel my prostate hardening in response; the pleasure sequence was underway . As the pleasure inch down the interior of my cock shaft it left a tingling trail of exquisite sensation behind it. The resplendent sensation left in its wake caused my breath to catch in my chest. .I forced myself to breathe deeply and evenly. As I did I felt the fire of convulsive pleasure ignite in my prostate making it vibrate with anticipation. It was like I had started an 800 horsepower engine. The vibration was palpable.

In sympathetic reflex to the awakening of my cockhead and prostate, my cock root began to rhythmically throb. Each deep breath I took seemed to fan the blast furnace of my arousal converting the pulsing of my cock root to a syncopated series of involuntary convulsions. Each convulsion of my cock root set off a reciprocal convulsion of my prostate. I made my breathing fall into sync with the pleasurable ping pong match being played between my cock and prostate.

The pleasurable sensation in both my cock and prostate was growing. Soon the convulsive pleasure being generated by my cock and the gland deep in my anal tract reached the tipping point. My anus chimed in, contracting and releasing in sympathy with the pleasure that was now dominating my pelvis and cock. The trio drumming in my pelvis, anal tract, anus and cock fell into a syncopated beat of rising erotic pleasure.

The silent beat thrumming in my groin and anal tract was now a resonant chiming echo that was filling my pelvis with exquisite sensations. My anus, cock, perineum, balls and prostate were all engaged in a lewd chorus that intoxicated me as it caressed me, immobilizing me in erotic anguish. As intense pre orgasmic ecstasy filled my pelvis, serene erotic rapture was filling my head, gently transporting me to a place of erotic bliss. I marveled at the complexity and sensuality of the sensations that were now pervading me. Just as the glowing pleasure that started in my cockhead grew and expanded to fill my body it now morphed again, this time concentrating to become a shrill presence at my anal opening. My heart raced at the intensely pleasurable teasing that was making my anus quiver and my cock ooze precum. Then with the fervor of a crowd waiting to enter a rock concert venue when the doors opened, the pleasure opened my anus and flowed in a torrent into me. Waves of excruciating ecstasy were now flooding my anus. I began to tremble and gasp as I was almost overwhelmed by orgasmic sensation.

In wild abandon my cock began to lurch and flop in a lurid dance, my anus began to convulse, my perineum began to flex and shudder and deep in my anal tract my prostate began to pump in vain. The entire orgasmic tableau made echoes of profound erotic bliss chime inside me with a rich resoneance that redoubled the flow of precum oozing from my lurching cock. My cock seemed to be electric and my prostate was pumping hard, each pulsing convulsion did not produce ejaculation but rather pumped an elegant wave of white hot pleasure that caused my cock to drool precum and my anus to contract and tremble in ecstasy. I was leaking my nectar into J’s ass crack.

I was no longer in control. J ‘s derriere had a hold of my cock and it was pulling me through a fog of orgasmic rapture that clouded my consciousness and made it impossible to do anything but immerse myself in the sensations that now had full control of me. I was now a passenger on this orgasmic voyage and I did not know where it was leading me. All I could do was savorthe luxurious sensation that now was tweaking my nipples and tugging on my balls.

From the orgasmic haze that engulfed me I desperately sought thoughts that would keep me at this pinnacle. I managed to reach into my memory and envision erotic fantasies that were favorites. From the mist I envisioned getting undressed in front of a daughter of a friend of ours. This lithe 22 year old has been totally unaware of the impact her sexual aura has on me in my real life. So many times in my thoughts I have undressed her and tasted the sweet honey from her hair lined cup and felt her shudder in orgasmic ecstasy as I held her ass cheeks and teased her flower with the tip of my tongue. In my imagination I was now with her, as we both got undressed. She watched the unveiling of my prodigious cock with great anticipation. Soon we were in my bed and it was her ass cheeks that caressed my cock. I held her tits in my hand as her anus kissed my cock head. Now it was not J in my arms, instead it was this pretty young thing. As my orgasm deepened and the pleasure became almost unbearable the erotic tableau in my imagination shifted.

Now I was in a threesome of 3 young guys. They are guys I know on line. We were laying together front to back with me in the middle. As we spooned each other my cock was in the ass crack of the guy who was in front of me, while the guy behind me wedged his erect penis in my ass crack. However the guy behind me had other plans as I felt his cock penetrate me and impale me as my own cock pulsed in MMO in the heat of the guy’s ass in front of me.

The tableau changed yet again, as I found myself in the quiet of a hotel room with music playing that had a pervasive throbbing beat that seemed to mimic my pulse. But the music had a hold of my cock and was coaxing it to stone hardness. I was naked as was a guy in a straight back chair in front of me, both of our cocks were fully erect and dripping with passion. My back to him, I lowered my ass onto his erection, cradling it in my crack and began to do a lap dance for him. I then turned around to face him so his cock was in my perineum and his cock head was pressed against the back of my balls. I then began to grind on him using his precum to make my perineum so slippery and erotic that he groaned as his ejaculation was imminent. Then I felt his cockhead swell and pulse rhythmically as the hot flood of his cum bathed my balls with his orgasmic reward.

The image made my MMO flare and send a tsunami of pulsing, convulsing pleasure deep into my anal tract. I willed myself to ignore the ravaging ecstasy that was now gripping me. Twisting and calmingmyself I tried to spurn it and pretend it wasn’t there. Just as I hoped, the ecstasy took on the character of a willful child and threw a tantrum demanding to be felt. It gripped my cock and pulled hard on it causing my cock root to spasm and ache in agonized ecstasy. It forced my anus open and shut in reflexive contractions that sent pleasure waves deep inside of me. Precum was flooding J’s ass crack. She was half awake and aware of the surreptious pleasure I was experiencing. Passively she held me as the MMO assaulted my anus.

The MMO relentlessly pushed me higher and higher; excruciating pleasure immobilized me and held me still so it could further defile me. My heart raced and a cacophony of sensations pulled and squeezed my erogenous organs forcing them to experience the deepest pleasure I had experienced in months.

After an hour it was over and I pulled back from J’s ass, leaving a slimy signature behind. I am grateful that precum is absorbed so quickly by her skin; yet another one of nature’s miracles. Laying on my back my cock was still vibrating and my anal tract was still twitching. If I had continued I might have gotten so desperate I might have cum in her ass crack; that was the first time in years of MMO that I feared I would release in a session.

So here I sit hours later committing this wonderful session to words. Here is another testimony to the grace and erotic joy of MMO.