It works!

So I've been using a prograsm for about a year and a helix for maybe 6 months. Nothing but p-waves and tingles (all of which were outstanding). Then this afternoon – I wore the helix while I worked (standing for a couple hours). If nothing it would encourage me to move my hips around in work/feel some of my deeper core muscles. I then laid down and continued with the 'exercise', and it gradually took control, leading me through a wonderful series of (I'll call them orgasms) that went on for about an hour. I figured all was so good I may have fun with the prograsm… It was in for about 20 minutes without me going as 'high', so I put helix back in and boom!-another half hour of jittering, moaning and writhing in ecstasy. Then, being the slut that I apparently am, I went for a walk with it in. It was awesome, although I was worried that I might become a jittering idiot in the sidewalk a few times. It was just an incredible feeling to walk while my prostate was celebrating its awakening….

Anyway, I'm stoked. And I wish this pleasure on everybody!

TL:DR- prostate awoke today and experienced ~90 minutes of dry orgasms



  1. Congratulations, will consider using it while doing other things, haven’t tried that yet. As of right now I am at a standstill and sometimes even feels like I am taking steps backwards, I don’t really have much time to focus on that at the moment either.

  2. Yeah, strangely, it seems that my ‘breakthrough’ happened by being quite busy and just anerosing in the background. Purely physical. Then when I lasted down, I kept moving and seemed to force it. I know, exactly the opposite of the do nothing strategy I’ve used for so long…

  3. Congrats! Amazin’, ain’t it!? My first Aneros was the Helix Syn, and I did most of my learning with that. I never quite got to super-O with it but damn I came close and felt fantastic. When I first got the Progasm I liked it but it felt a little bit "too much" after wearing it for 20-30 minutes. And I never seemed to go as far as with the Helix. So I thought maybe I’d wasted the money. Then one night… I’d been laying in bed, edging orgasms for over an hour with the Helix. I was very turned on but not getting past a certain plateau. So just for fun, I pulled the Helix and put in the Progasm. I laid still for some minutes, just feeling the fullness of it. Then I started moving. After I’m not sure how many minutes (10-15?) it suddenly took control over me and I started getting big rushes, and clenching involuntarily. Soon I was uncontrollably shuddering and bucking and moaning, my whole body as rigid as a plank. My first super-O ever. After that, with rest periods between, I was able to O again and again and again. After well over an hour (at least 7-8 orgasms, I lost count) I was too exhausted to continue. They’re different from each other. The Helix is "nimble" and rewards technique. The Progasm is completely unsubtle, like a club, but brings its own form of fun. > worried that I might become a jittering idiot in the sidewalk That did sort of happen to me once, when I wore the Helix to take the dog for a walk. Luckily it was dusk and no neighbors were out… 🙂

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