1. I’d be really interested as well. I just got my Progasm, and I got a little too exuberant when I first tried to put it in the other day. It definitely takes a bit more cajoling to go in comfortably, and I was wondering if my MGX would help prep me.

  2. I usually switch models every 30-60 minutes. I typically start with the Helix, move to the program, and end with the Eupho.

  3. I often will start with my Helx Syn for 30 mins to an hour, usually until I cum a few times (not necessarily super-Os), after which I’m kinda spent. I’ll then switch to my Vice (without vibration on). I find it’s easier to insert at this point and the bigger size hits my prostate more easily. The lack of handle also lets me just lie down flat on my bed, rather than needing a pillow under my back, and I can relax more and roll into more orgasms with less effort. I’ll usually use the break to pee too. There’s a little bit of time needed to get back to the level I was at, but it’s not particularly difficult. I’ll usually finish by turning on vibrations, which at this point usually feel really good (starting out with vibrations just doesn’t work for me at all, tends to be more numbing than pleasurable). I’ll sometimes cum from this, but it’s usually just a nice way to wind a session down with some p-waves without much effort. Alternatively, I’ll switch to using a dildo or my Lelo Billy after either the Syn or Vice. Sometimes with penile stimulation and a traditional orgasm, sometimes without. It’s really all about how I’m feeling/my energy level/what mood I’m in during a session. I will say this though. If you aren’t already experiencing orgasms/serious pleasure levels from just the Syn, I wouldn’t start mixing things up too much in the hopes that it’ll magically work for you. Do try different toys and approaches, but remember that this is 90% in your brain and developing the mindset that’s receptive to deeper levels of pleasure. Personally, I experienced frustration and often had the "this isn’t working for me, I should try something else" mindset, which I think was a hindrance to actually getting to the point of these deeper orgasms.

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