The consolations of Aless

Hi guys,

The Aneros, as you know, was invented to promote good prostate health in men. Along with this benefit, it was discovered among many Aneros users that the Aneros has sexual benefits as well, such as Super-O's, MMO's, and sustained sexual energy of continuous P-waves which is also known as Aneros-lessness or Aless outside of actual Aneros sessions.

Many guys report that achieve a continuous, sustained Aless which is always there. I am one of those guys.

It has gotten to the point that my Aless is always there, although often in the background. However the intensity of my Aless varies. It comes and goes in intensity of sexual sweetness.

While I long for my very first Super-O, the Aneros has taught subtlety and nuance. The Aneros has enabled me to get in touch with my body like never before. The Aneros has opened to me a sensuality that I have not know in my whole life!